Best Leadership Courses in Singapore

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Leadership courses in Singapore are a great way to learn more about leadership development and to lead and manage a team. Not only will you learn new skills, but you will also grow as a leader. These courses will examine leadership courses and how they can help young leaders.

Which Leadership Courses in CBS, Singapore are available?

All organizations need leaders to function and perform at their peak levels. If a company lacks quality leaders, there is a good chance that the organisation’s culture will be negatively affected. The courses at CBS help companies to develop quality leaders across teams. This article highlights the different courses and programmes available at CBS and the benefits leaders can expect from them.

Leadership courses

Lean Leadership – A Proven Leadership Course for Productivity Improvement & Employee Engagement

The leadership style of Lean is a proven method of improving productivity and engagement. It is now being applied to the world of management in a big way. If you want to learn more about Lean management and how it improves productivity and employee engagement, then this course is for you.

Vision Leadership

The vision is an essential component of the leadership model. The vision is both an inspirational and aspirational long-term goal for the organisation. A vision is a statement of what the organisation aspires to be, which is a key component of employee motivation. A clear vision will also shape the objectives and strategies of the organisation. This course will examine why the vision is important, how it should be created and the best ways to communicate it throughout the organisation.

Supervisory And Leadership Courses

You can learn some skills, but leadership is one of those skills that cannot be learned. It is inbuilt in a leader to be able to follow up and manage their team professionally. But for those leaders who are yet to learn how to become successful leaders, some skills can help them. In this course, we look into some of the skills required by every leader and how they can manage and communicate with their team professionally.

Leadership courses

Powerful Keys To Effective Leadership

The Enneagram is a personality type indicator. It helps us gain a deeper understanding of human personality types and how different personality types interact with each other. In this course, we will not only look at what the Enneagram is but also at the nine personality types and their different traits. We will also look at the different opportunities in business that can arise by understanding the nine personality types.

Essential Leadership Skills At Work

Leadership is not a position. The ability to lead is an ability that has to be learned and developed. The challenge is that leadership has changed over the years. In the past, a leader was someone who had some extra skills and knowledge. Today, leadership is about influencing others to achieve organisational goals. This is a critical ability regardless of industry and job title.

Impactful Leadership Conversation

As a leader, you have a lot to contend with. You have promises to keep, eyeballs on you, and every once in a while, you will meet someone who wants to see you fail. Conversations can be tricky. This is especially so in our Leadership context, when other responsibilities may be riding on the backs of those conversations too.

A good conversation will leave both parties feeling like they have gotten something out of it, even if that something doesn’t seem direct. As a leader, consider the art of conversation and its importance to your overall success.

Essential Skills for New Managers and Supervisors to Stand Out

Becoming a manager can be a challenging experience. As a manager, you are no longer an individual contributor but have a more holistic role. It can be intimidating if you have never been a manager before, and you may even wonder where to start. The course gives tips to help you transition from individual contributor to manager.

Essential Managerial Skills to Be an Effective Team Leader

Leadership and management skills are considered important by employees, and this is due to their immediate impact on team productivity. Despite its importance, employees would still prefer to be managed by a boss or managers with other skills, including confidence, strong communication skills, and decision-making ability.

Learning and development activities are the best investment an organization can make for its employees.

Kaizen For Continuous Improvement And Boosting Efficiency At Work

The secret of Toyota’s success lies in its employees collaboratively performing small, incremental, daily, sustainable continuous improvement. Toyota works via a collaborative process that requires no supervision. No top-down commands or control mechanisms. Just groups of people who have the desire to do better.

Improving Productivity & Efficiency Using Agile & Scrum Methodology

Agile methodology has been applied to businesses, from small to big ones, for many years. However, the application of the methodology is divided by various industries. Agile methodology and Scrum practice improve productivity in a dynamic world, and almost all successful companies have applied the methodology.

Leadership courses

CBS offers a wide range of leadership training courses for many leaders, whether it is short or traditional courses. By using CBS, companies can expect better leaders with greater knowledge of the strategies and tools to help them get ahead of their competitors. If you want more information on how CBS can help your company, please contact us at Thank you for reading. We hope you found this post interesting!

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