Vision Leadership

Course Description

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to articulate clear, inspiring organisational goals, plans and priorities, as well as, display behavioural characteristics within the workplace in accordance to organisational

Competency Element

Lead team leaders in the development of business unit strategies, operational plans and corporate governance management to meet organisational needs.


leadershipAt the end of the workshop, participants will know about:

  • Relationship between high level organisational strategies and the development and implementation of team plans and processes
  • Relationship between high level organisational strategies and the development and implementation of business systems and processes to support corporate governance
  • Organisational policies and procedures relating to the development of departmental or business unit strategies, and corporate governance compliance management
  • Legal and ethical considerations relating to corporate governance
  • Relevant professional or industry codes of practice and standards relating to corporate governance
  • Implications and impact on employees and the organisation arising from team planning processes and corporate governance management processes
  • Organisation’s vision, mission and values
  • Communication techniques
  • Characteristics of a leader
  • Characteristics of a role model


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Facilitate team leaders’ involvement in the development of departmental or business unit strategies to achieve business objectives
  • Lead team leaders to identify trends and issues impacting team performance and develop team operational plans to achieve team objectives
  • Communicate organisational values and expectations of behaviour in the workplace to guide team leaders in their behaviours and performance
  • Engage regularly with team leaders to provide the required support to achieve business unit goals
  • Model leadership and behaviours to demonstrate application of organisational values, behaviours and governance priorities in all actions
  • Develop and modify systems and processes to improve compliance management on corporate governance and social responsibilities requirements
  • Communicate departmental or business unit strategic priorities to stakeholders to garner their support and buy-in
  • Assess emotional states of team leaders and respond appropriately to emotional cues when leading team leaders to ensure individual needs are addressed
  • Engage in regular self-reflection to identify own areas for improvement in leading strategy planning

Improve own strategic planning skills by subscribing to diverse learning channels and participating in peer review platforms to enhance workplace-performance

Intended Audience

Participants interested in Leadership and People Management workshops; participants of organisational Talent Development / Retention Program / New Manager Program and professionals interested in personal development


This workshop will be conducted with a good blend of lecture, interaction, case studies, experience sharing and WSQ assessments.

Course Fees




Company Sponsored



Duration (Hours) 

Full Fee (incl. GST)

Singapore Citizens (SC) or PR

SC or PR ≥ 21 yrs old

SC ≥ 40 years old

Vision Leadership







1 Eligible companies may apply for absentee payroll 

2 Self-sponsored learners may use their skillsfuture credits to offset the course fees

Course Schedule

  • 29 & 30 Aug, 9am to 6pm

Mode of Training

Face to face, Classroom Training @ Bukit Merah 

For more information/ registration or Group / In-House Training, please contact Jaslyn @ 6278 9785 or email

The Vision Leadership is organised by Everest Innovation

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