“People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

Every leader needs a supportive team that he can communicate and manage professionally. But what kind of skills do those leaders need to effectively lead and be role model for their teams? What makes a leader? How can a leader be successful?

Being an effective leader takes a lot more than just the ability to direct and manage a team. It takes key social and interpersonal skills. There are certain key qualities that define a great leader, these include honest, confidence, effective communication skills, commitment, empathy, an eye for detail, creativity and also optimism.


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Some leaders have a natural ability to lead a team to success. However, if you think your management team needs an extra boost to enhance their supervisory skills, then sign up for our unique leadership course in Singapore today!

Our leadership skills courses in Singapore will highlight key tips to leading a team to success and also help participants enhance their social skills to be able to bridge stronger gaps with their team members. The experienced and seasoned trainers at CBS will impart key supervisory skills during our leadership course in Singapore that would help participants become more effective leaders.

Here at CBS, we seek to answer the questions and concerns all leaders and leaders-to-be will have. Our leadership skills course in Singapore trains our participants to be meticulous, observant but also sociable, a team player, approachable and professional. Fun, interactive and also enriching, this leadership skills course in Singapore will train leaders to enhance their communicative and leadership skills to effectively organize, motivate and manage their team.

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