Kaizen For Continuous Improvement And Boosting Efficiency At Work

Kaizen Suggestions System – A Collaborative Problem Solving & Continuous Improvement Technique

Improve workplace efficiency using Kaizen principles – a Japanese term emphasizes continual improvement process at work.

Toyota is known for highest quality & lowest price.  In its 80 years of existence, Toyota never made a loss and never retrenched its workforce. Toyota’s secret lies in its employees performing small, incremental, daily, sustainable continuous improvement, consistently over the years collaboratively and with no supervision.  This secret is called as Kaizen Suggestion System and collaborative continuous improvement.  Many fortune 500 companies, in manufacturing and in service industries, have adopted Kaizen approach and have seen similar success recently.

Kaizen Benefits

  • Reducing costs-by offering little rewards
  • Increase & Boost quality-by reducing mistakes
  • Managing different kinds of people, from tough bosses and listless workers to stubborn clients and fussy customers.
  • Boost staff morale and productivity
  • Implement big ideas through small but steady actions
Course Objectives

In this 2-day course on “Kaizen Suggestions System & Continuous Improvement”, participants will learn tools, techniques & practices of Toyota Kaizen Suggestion & Improvement hands on using innovative simulation tool kits, real life case studies and will be able to apply to their respective workplace & process.

Course Outline
  • Overview of Kaizen principles, framework, terminology, examples
  • Kaizen Suggestion & improvement eco system vs traditional improvement practices
  • Attributes for successful collaboration & practical suggestion system in Kaizen
  • Insight into Kaizen teams, roles, skills & success metrics
  • Tools for identifying incremental improvement opportunities at workplace everyday
  • Techniques for generating collaborative & rapid suggestions for continuous improvement
  • Sorting & converting kaizen suggestions into implementable solutions
  • Steps & preps for rapid testing & validation of kaizen suggestions & solutions
  • Sustaining & institutionalizing the gains & practices from kaizen suggestions & solutions
  • Typical challenges & barriers in embracing & culturizing Kaizen eco system in an organization
  • Change management techniques & best practices for culturizing Kaizen suggestion system
Who Should Attend
  • Leaders, managers, supervisors & line leaders who are looking for efficient & collaborative way to implement continuous improvement techniques with empowered employees
  • Process Improvement leaders who are tasked to improve the process in a cost effective & sustainable way.
  • Anyone who wants to learn techniques of process & productivity improvement using Kaizen
About The Trainer

Ramesh Rao holds multiple bachelors & a master’s degree in engineering, finance, supply chain.  He holds professional certification & accreditation such as certified lean master, certified six sigma master black belt, certified supply chain practitioner, certified design thinking facilitator and more.  Facilitator is an accomplished adult educator holding Diploma in Adult Continuous Education from IAL (SUSS).  He has 29 years of professional experience in leadership roles spanning seven countries and in areas such as manufacturing, finance, HR, IT, Supply Chain, Quality.  As a corporate leader & as a consultant, facilitator has conducted more than 200 kaizen events across industries such as Manufacturing, Service, Financial Services, Retail, F&B, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education sector etc both in corporate set up and non-profit organization.  Having had first-hand Kaizen experience, he intends to bring to the training, various case studies, success stories & best practices of Kaizen eco system.


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


2 Days


  S$850 (Nett)
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