The Singapore Training Centre

March 19, 2023 By CBS Off

Welcome to the CBS Training Centre in Singapore!


Welcome to the CBS Training Centre in Singapore! We are a world-class training centre that caters to the training needs of participants in the Asia-Pacific region. Our centre is located in the heart of Singapore and is the perfect place to establish your training needs. We offer courses to enhance your skills and help you achieve your career goals. Please note that our rates are competitive, and all our courses are internationally recognized. To register for a course, please visit our website CBS.COM.SG for more details. Centre for Behavioral Science, we provide the best training programs and experts to address the training needs of both our regional and global clients.

How to get to the CBS Training Centre?


Getting to the CBS training centre in Singapore is a breeze. First, log on to the CBS website at and click on the schedule to see when and where the training is held. Generally, the training is held at hotel ballrooms in the central region of Singapore, making transportation convenient for attendees. You can take a taxi or public transportation, such as the MRT or bus, to get to the venue. Rest assured that you won’t have difficulty finding the training centre, as it is in a well-known area in Singapore. So, whether you are a local or a foreigner, you shouldn’t be worried about getting lost. Overall, heading to the CBS training centre is an effortless task with several options.

Upcoming and Popular Courses


Watch for upcoming and popular courses if you want to advance your career or acquire new skills. The courses are developed and taught by authoritative figures in their respective industries. The courses are designed to give the learners practical tips and information and provide hands-on experiences to help the learners apply the knowledge learned. Some of the top courses available are the Become a Remarkable Leader Course, which teaches the fundamental principles of leadership; the Writing Persuasive Approval Papers Course, which teaches learners how to write compelling and impactful documents; the Essential Supervisory & Managerial Skills course, which helps new managers improve their management style and increase the productivity of their teams; and the Be A Magnet Of Success – Success Is Definitely Possible! The course teaches strategies for attracting success in one’s personal and professional life. Sign up for these popular courses today to take your career and skills to the next level.

Experienced Industry Trainers


Experienced industry trainers are highly valued individuals with years of experience in their respective fields. These experts are sought after by businesses and individuals who seek to advance their knowledge, skills, and understanding of industry-specific topics. An industry trainer with years of experience can leverage their practical knowledge to help participants achieve their professional development goals. They possess a deep understanding of industry trends, best practices, and evolving technologies that make them effective at guiding participants in their journey to acquiring new skills and knowledge. This expertise translates into high-quality training geared towards practical and real-world scenarios, which participants can leverage in their professional roles. Overall, the contribution made by experienced industry trainers is invaluable, as they impart knowledge and skills that benefit individuals and businesses alike, with long-lasting impacts.


The courses offered by our organization do not have any stringent qualification requirements for enrollment. We believe that everyone passionate about upgrading their skills and improving their personal skill set should have the opportunity to attend this training. It is essential that the courses are relevant and related to the attendees’ job scope to ensure maximum benefit to their career growth. The only prerequisite is reading and writing simple English, as all our training materials are in this language. We encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds and job roles to attend and learn together, fostering a space for collaborative and inclusive learning.