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Date13 Sep 2019, Fri
Time9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
VenueRoyal Plaza on Scotts Singapore Hotel Including Tea breaks and International Gourmet Buffet Lunch at Award winning Carousel Restaurant (Halal Certified)
FeeS$ 500 (Nett)
9767 9686 / 6278 9785

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Sep 2019

Be a Magnet of Success – Success is Definitely Possible!


Create powerful visions of success in your journey of life!

Does success mean just living a luxurious life? Or does it go beyond tangible assets that truly successful individuals possess?

The road to success is never easy, it is full of obstacles, Hence in order for you to reach the pinnacle of your dream you need to find motivate yourself and be a success of magnet.

Learn the Psychology of Motivation – When it’s time to self-motivate, think of the positive state you want to be in to get things done!

Self-motivation is the desire that keeps pulling us to pursue success, even when it feels challenging. Think of the reason why you want to succeed and turn to this motivation when things seem tough

This course introduces variety of strategies, techniques, and guidelines that you can apply to get motivated, and ultimately become successful!

  • Success is a skill! It is a fine art! Successful people have inherited the techniques and methodologies that work every time!
  • They have learnt the art of being Positive, Likeable, Believable, Trustworthy and Charismatic.
  • They are No.1 in the eyes of those who mean the most to them! Their superiors, subordinates, peers and clients. More importantly, they are No.1 in the eyes of their spouse, children and family.
  • Being No. 1 does not necessarily mean being the best.
    What it means is – they are normally placed as top priority!
  • Successful individuals earn their trust and respect from others.
  • They attract other successful individuals to them.
  • Successful people love life; they love their profession; they enjoy life to the fullest; they know how to have fun; they are satisfactorily happy!

Let’s begin this journey with John Sih! A journey of discovery – of learning about yourself, your talents, your potential to be truly successful and a true Magnet of Success!



Negativity and Dissatisfaction is like a virus that spreads! It leads to a lack of confidence, skepticism and jealousy. These people see themselves as “have nots”.

Successful people possess a positive mindset and winning attitude. They ‘fall down seven, stand up eight’. They believe that they deserve to be successful.

In this 1-day breakthrough workshop, participants will learn powerful techniques on how to be and stay positive, respectable, happy and truly successful!

  • You’ll learn how to project a high level of confidence through your words, your voice and your actions.
  • Acquire the Art of goal setting.
  • Acquire the Art of learning – learning how to learn.
    Be a PhD – Professionally.
  • Acquire the Art of success!
  • Discover what is positive thinking and positive believing.
  • Realise that you are special and unique! Biologically, we are born successful!
  • Unleash and exude your personal and unique charisma and stand out from the crowd!
  • Discover what is motivation and inspiration so that you can motivate yourself and inspire others.
  • You’ll learn to dare to dream and live your dreams!
  • You’ll learn how to attract successful people into your life – being a magnet of success!


  • Looking into the mirror.
  • Vitality in setting clear goals.
  • Mastering the fine art of communication.
  • Psycho-Geometrics: Discovering the Science of understanding people and the Art of communicating with them.
  • Planning your goals in tandem with your talents.
  • There is no failure – only outcomes!
  • “Ask and you shall receive!” Learning the art of asking.
  • Can you live your passion in life and still be well-paid? Answers revealed!
  • “Practice makes perfect” … really?
  • Why is it so important to be No.1.
  • Positive thinking Vs Positive believing. Thinking is a good start, but believing is a guarantee for success!
  • Confidence – is an acquired art!
  • Learn why knowledge is … not power!
  • Can you learn to be smart? Answers revealed!
  • Orchestrating successful outcomes in your life. Secrets of the 4 quadrants of learning – revealed!
  • If the world is a stage, in living your life, you are performing in an orchestra – your job is finding the “instrument” in you …
  • And play it like a maestro! …
  • Playing the game to win!
  • Mission Possible! Fulfilling your mission in life


  • Anyone and everyone who wants to achieve true success.
  • Anyone and everyone who wants to attract other successful people.
  • Anyone and everyone who wants to learn to live life to the fullest.



This is the very first time I’ve attended a course conducted by someone who impresses me with daring to share his life failures! It takes a lot of guts and tremendous amount of courage and confidence to do that”

I agree with John that, “if someone has never failed in life, he will never appreciate his success, as much”.
Kudos and all the Best to you, John!

“The meaning of success means different things to different people. My own believe is that to be successful, one should have achieved the 5Cs – cash, condo, credit card, car and country club membership.
John has opened my mind and heart to realize that there is more to it than just tangible assets! To be Truly successful, it’s acquiring the intangibles that are more important to me now – Love, Respect, Trust, Passion and living my Mission in life. Truly liberating!

“If only this subject (topic) were to be taught to all school students, then Singaporeans will not be so ‘kiasu’ and be more confident of success! When one knows the ‘hows’ and realizes the ‘whys’, then one will live life to the fullest, knowing his place on earth!”

“It is my privilege and honor to learn from a true, blue ‘successful failure’, right in my backyard!”

“I attended the course not expecting much, because it was just to clock my training hours. But, Wow! What an eye-opening course! Only now did I realise after 38 years, what true success is! Better late than never, I guess. Thanks to Mr. John Sih!”




John Sih is the Principal Training Consultant and CEO of Accent Consultants. He is a trained public speaker and an educator of public speaking and interpersonal communication skills. As a Psycho – Geometrics Expert he imparts the practical aspects of Psycho – Geometrics. He is the first trainer outside the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, licensed to use and impart the Psycho – Geometrics System.He is the master trainer of the system in Southeast Asia, after having mastered and internalised the use of the system since 1991.

John Sih is also a Body Language expert, he is often favourably compared with his guru: he is known as the “Allan Pease of Singapore”. John had been featured in the Female magazine as well as The Straits Times, expounding on the practical impact and importance of Body Language as a form of non-verbal communication. He specialises in grooming individuals to become effective interpersonal communicators and public speakers. He also trains sales professionals in the art of selling and front-line officers in customer service skills.

10 Years of successful track records

Our clients share our passion for people development. We take a long term view of relationships and the
deep and sustained impact has been greatly fulfilling. We have trained over 26,000 learners to date.

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