What are SkillsFuture Courses?

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Whether you are preparing to enter the workforce or looking to upgrade your skills, there are a number of skillsfuture courses that will provide you with the education and knowledge you need. You may find that taking part in a part-time or short course will be more affordable than enrolling in a full-time course.

SkillsFuture Courses

Part-time courses are flexible and cheaper than full-time courses

Taking a part-time course can be a good option for students who are considering a career change. A part-time schedule can be useful in paying tuition and living expenses while in school. It can also give students a more flexible schedule, allowing them to attend classes after office hours or during the weekends. It may also allow students to have more time for hobbies, athletic commitments, and other outside activities.

If you’re unsure which type of course to take, you may want to consider SkillsFuture courses. They are designed to upskill your current knowledge and skills, which can create better opportunities for you in the workforce. The courses are available in English and Malay and are designed to meet specific job-related and career-level requirements.

Agricultural technologies

Agricultural technology courses are designed to provide trainees with a comprehensive understanding of the agriculture sector, from production techniques to agribusiness management. Participants can choose from a variety of courses, including a part-time diploma in aquaculture or a 100-hour eLearning course that covers concepts of plant-based food production. Interested participants can apply online.

SkillsFuture Courses

The Specialist Diploma in Agrotechnology and Agribusiness is a new post-diploma course developed by Republic Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. This programme aims to equip participants with technological and management skills for the management of hi-tech urban farms.

As a first step, participants will undertake a 100-hour eLearning course. This course covers concepts of plant-based food production, farm management and agribusiness management. Participants will also learn about the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to manage their farm operations. These technologies will allow participants to monitor their farm’s efficiency and yields and improve production.


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SkillsFuture Courses

For example, a SkillsFuture course in Cyber Security and Digital Strategy & Leadership can help you better manage your digital assets in a secure and stable environment. The same can be said of a course on Business Continuity Planning. Using a combination of a structured and unbiased approach, the resulting course is designed to empower participants from all industries.

In addition to a comprehensive list of short courses, the SkillsFuture website also includes a library of curated content. One of these is the EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (CIH) program. The CIH is designed to provide participants with the basic skills to effectively handle a wide range of computer security incidents.

Flower arrangement

WSQ Floristry Courses are available for Skillsfuture credit in 2016. These courses provide training and qualifications for those who want to get into the floral design industry. In addition, these courses also offer students a unique opportunity to learn new skills and develop their craft.

A group of people listening to a presentation in a classroom

Floristry courses are available for both beginners and experienced florists. WSQ Floristry Courses qualify students for Skillsfuture in 2016. These courses cover a variety of topics including techniques for wrapping, and the care and handling of fresh flowers and decorative accessories. These courses also cover safety procedures and the handling of stock.

Courses range from short workshops to two-day intensive floral courses. Courses include topics such as colour theory in floristry, tools and techniques for wrapping, as well as design principles. Courses are taught by experienced florists and designers.