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January 24, 2023 By CBS Off
CBS we employ a team of knowledgeable”>Singapore-leading training centre specialising in courses in behavioural science, psychology, forensics, security, WSQ and Skillsfuture. It provides many different types of training programmes designed to meet the needs of businesses, organisations and individuals seeking personal development.

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CBS adopts an innovative approach to on-site training by utilising proven techniques that create practical learning outcomes rather than just memorizing information. Their comprehensive range of courses is specifically developed to suit your individual needs or business objectives.

At CBS, we specialise in a number of high-level and niche skill sets, including behavioural science, psychology, forensic science and security as well as WSQ (Workforce Skills Qualifications) and Skillsfuture. With our in-depth knowledge of these key areas, people who partake in our programmes are armed with all the necessary tools to help build their careers in these highly specialised industries.

At CBS we employ a team of knowledgeable professionals to deliver only the highest quality of training, providing them with both theory and practical applications for workplace use. All our courses are registered with local authorities such as SkillsFuture Singapore.

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So whether you’re looking to further your development or if you’re seeking career growth within these specific domain areas; don’t look any further than CBS – your go-to training provider!

Our core team comprises academicians and practitioners who believe firmly in lifelong learning. We have the top qualifications are awarded by many agencies. Our workshops, seminars and training cover a wide range of topics ranging from understanding psychology to practical law-enforcement procedures.

We strive to turn every class into a lively interactive platform to share insights and gain knowledge in order to add value to our client’s existing skill sets. Not only do we believe that each person has an intrinsic right to change his/her career path but also have a responsibility for the industry’s future through higher-level accreditation standards.

Not only does CBS provide top-class structured courses but also can arrange Learning Journeys – carefully-crafted projects that develop students’ skills through real-world exposure and hands-on experience. In addition, their portfolio of tailor-made programmes offers a comprehensive range of corporate training services including workshops, seminars, coaching sessions and assessment centre activities tailored for all industries and levels in various disciplines as well as executive coaching/mentoring/consultancy services.

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