Do you find mistake in this sentence, ‘Please revert back to me quickly?’ Well, the correct phrase should be ‘Please reply or please respond to me quickly’. This is a common mistake we have made usually.

It is important to understand the differences in Standard English, broken English and Singlish. We need to be able to deliver our messages clearly and let others understand us, and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

english coursesThese days, it is important to speaking well and be understood. It is highly imperative to be well-versed in English – the universal language of the world. Luckily, there’s no need to Google for a English speaking and writing courses in Singapore. CBS is your one-stop platform for language courses.

From read, write and speak courses, you can enhance your linguistic skills and grow more eloquent and fluent with the English language from attending our courses. We engage our participants to improve their spoken English.

The key principle of English is focusing on the specific needs of Singaporeans that are incorporated into this course. This course will take you through a series of interactive, hands-on activities to avoid grammatical errors. You will learn to edit your own writing to make it more accurate and gain confidence in your everyday’s grammar.

This course is perfect for managers, secretaries, executives, supervisors, customer service professionals and anyone wants to develop a deeper appreciation and improve their communication skills. It is particularly useful in helping both Singaporeans and those who are new to Singapore to develop the ability to switch between Singlish and Standard English in situations that require it.

CBS offers superb spoken English skills training and courses for companies in Singapore, who want to improve read, speak and write good English. Whether you need a comprehensive introduction to the English language or a training course to enhance your fluency and eloquence in the language, CBS is the place to start improving.

Our English speaking and writing courses conducted in Singapore will teach its students the basics of English. In addition,  the tips and tricks to make fast progress in the English Language in a fun but the enriching group setting for companies learning together and the bonding amongst us. The teacher is passionate and driven to give each student the assistance and training they need to improve their fluency in English.

Why Choose CBS?

Why choose our English course in Singapore?

At CBS, we strive to train professionals to be future-ready, fluent and confident in their linguistic skills through specialized workshops for conversational and writing English courses. Our team also offers a variety of class types. Choose between training for the basics of the English language to pronunciation and conversation.

In addition, we strive to offer the best services possible. We are at the best effort into everything that we do and give nothing short of perfection. We strongly encourage Singaporeans to speak and write in Standard English to get understood better. We will also like to help Singaporeans who regularly use fractured, ungrammatical English to use grammatical English.

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