Essential Skills for New Managers and Supervisors to Stand Out

High Impact Supervisor & Manager Skills for New Manager

Managing a team is a different responsibility compared to being an individual contributor which you did well previously. Making this transition can be daunting to many. The skills of a great individual contributor may not be the same as the skills required of an effective manager.

Learn how you, as a new manager or supervisor can drive results and improve the performance of your team with our 1-day high-impact new manager training.

There is more to being a manager or supervisor than longer hours and greater responsibility. Becoming a manager is a whole new role and demands new skill sets. Having people report to you means additional demands on your time

  • Your impact as first level Leader / Manager
  • Clarify the difference between a Leader and Manager
  • Understand your leadership traits
  • How to delegate tasks effectively
  • Develop empathetic listening skills

This workshop is designed to equip you with the essential management skills to help you confidently confront your management challenges and set you up for success as new managers or supervisors

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand your role as leader and the qualities your team desires
  • Appreciate the power of contrarian leadership
  • Assess where you stand on many key leadership qualities
  • Discover how much value you add and how to create more
  • Learn how, why, and what to delegate to make the most of your time and develop others
  • Assess your potential as a multiplier of talents
  • Develop empathetic listening skills
  • Learn how to give praise and feedback to motivate and elicit peak performance
  • Be Inspired!
Course Outline

The Leader’s Role

  • A brief history of management
  • Leadership disrupted
  • Manager, leader, boss, and coach
  • Characteristics of a great leader
  • The Big Picture of Everything
  • Are you a Multiplier?
  • Google’s secret sauce: Nuggets from the data mine

Asserting Yourself in Your New Role

  • The Window of Opportunity: First impressions
  • Vitamin C – Confidence
  • Vitamin A – Assertiveness
  • Vitamin E – Enthusiasm
  • The trust equation

Delegating to Create Value

  • How do you spend your time?
  • Hey manager, do your job!
  • Why delegate?
  • What to delegate
  • How to delegate

Communicating with Your Team

  • Active vs. Empathetic listening
  • Language matters: Tone, toss-backs, yes but, and the pointed why?
  • Giving feedback
  • Magic questions for performance review

Your Action Plan

Training Methodology

This course is structured using spiral learning and social learning methodologies, and embedded with case studies, facilitation, games, role play, and experiential learning systems.

Who Should Attend

New managers, supervisors, newly promoted managers, team leaders, individual contributors with direct reports or just anyone in the organization who wants to further enhance their management skills

About The Trainer

CBS Master Trainer – Mr. David Goldwich – Organisation Coach

David Goldwich is a “reformed” lawyer who is committed to helping people get what they want by teaching them how to be assertive, compelling, and persuasive communicators. An engaging and provocative speaker, David uses humor and stories gathered from his own experience as a lawyer, businessman, and father to help people reach breakthrough changes in their personal and professional lives.

David has developed his simulations, role plays, skits, and interactive sessions, which he uses to help participants learn and improve critical skills and behaviors. David is the author of five books and hundreds of articles on communication, negotiation, leadership, developing confidence and assertiveness, and other business topics.

He has MBA and JD degrees from American universities and practised law in the United States for more than ten years. David has conducted his training workshops for banks, tech companies, and other organizations and government agencies in the US, India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and throughout the Asia Pacific. He has been living in Singapore since 1999.

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre
07 Aug 2024


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$500 (NETT)

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre

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