Writing Good Replies to Difficult Stakeholders

It may seem innocent enough – writing a reply to a stakeholder on a routine matter or small issue. Yet it is such complacency and a lack of professionalism that usually get a writer entangled in all sorts of difficult consequences – including a potential lawsuit!

The situation is made worse when dealing with challenging stakeholders, ranging from the impatient to the unreasonable to the downright nasties. There is no need to panic, neither is there a need to descend to their level of impropriety.

Understand them, uncover their needs and unleash good responses – these are the tri-tics of good replies.

Let DR SUNNY GOH help you write polite and pleasant, yet firm and fair emails to provide your stakeholders with a sense of satisfaction in that uneasy correspondence and subsequent pleasant ones!

Course Objectives

At the end of the one-day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • understand stakeholder needs and organizational constraints
  • respond in firm but friendly manner
  • deal with difficult customers/clients
Course Outline
  • Different Types of Replies – why they matter
  • Different types of Stakeholders – the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Reply structure – how it looks
  • Reply EQ – how it works
  • Closure – the right way to end
Training Methodology

This highly engaging and practical workshop will utilise a series of presentations, role-plays, as well as a variety of mixed-medias to ensure deep and impactful learning.

Who Should Attend

All counter, frontline and staff officers who need to communicate messages must attend as a basic course in writing and communication, especially in dealing with difficult customers.

About The Trainer

a man in a suit and tie posing for a photo.

Dr Sunny Goh is a Trainer of Trainers (TOT) and has taught many writing coaches to teach writing programmes he has designed for government servants and private sector officers. He was head of the International directorate in Mindef’s Defence Policy Office, where he has written Cab Memos, budget papers and presented Singapore’s position at international fora. He was a member of the SAF Scholars Selection Board and chairman of a university’s Resource Panel.

He was also a Desk Editor at The Straits Times, where he taught reporting and interviewing skills at its School of Journalism. In all, his participants had included CEOs, professors, staff writers, technical specialists, undergraduates and students. It doesn’t matter how high a participant’s work status may be – all that mattered is a penchant for learning.

As a volunteer, he was a Mediator with the Ministry of Law, a Council Member of the Singapore Red Cross Society and writes regularly for the local and regional media.


Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre
15 Oct 2024
Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre
16 Jan 2025


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$500 (Nett)

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre

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