Storification Skills

Storify Your Content, Amplify Your Presence!

Engage to Be Heard!
Use Story to cut through the clutter, noise & distractions when presenting remotely

Brains love stories.
They connect people with new ideas, engage them to explore, and move us to take action.

Stories help drive decisions.
They engage at deep, emotional levels, and it’s those emotions that sit at the heart of all decision-making.

Stories unlock your power to get a message across in more compelling, memorable, and persuasive ways. Sharing your story with others can be influential. Be aware though, when you choose to walk down this path, three things are crucial.

    1. On “Story”:

You need to fully understand what it means in its broadest sense;
What exactly is a “Story”?

    1. On “Story Making”:

You have to consider the simple steps required to craft your story;
What are the “Story Elements”?

    1. On “Story Telling”:

Successful delivery requires “Presence”;
What techniques work in remote delivery, post-COVID?

“Storification” is the focus of this Program, as we explore the potential to shape existing content into stories. We’ll introduce you to the three main characters; first the “Story”, next to the core “Story Elements”, and finally, the art & science of “Story Making”. You’ll realise that by embracing “Storification”, you’ll start to grab your audience’s attention, and make it easier for them to engage with, and get immersed in, your message.

This Workshop, therefore, takes an emotionally intelligent approach to the crafting and delivery of “Story”. Our approach identifies simple, readily applicable, “Story Making” techniques, that make for more engaging messages. We’ll also explore the human side of delivery in relation to effective “Story Telling”, to help people to listen.

Though influence, persuasion and action might be the goal, we know it is vitally important to first get our message across; we need to ensure it is heard. That is the focus of this Workshop.


Course Objectives

Our intentions are to strengthen your ability to embed story into presentations, connect with a greater “Presence”, and emotionally engage an audience, when storytelling remotely.

We’ll explore the foundations of “Story”, to understand how stories power human connection. We’ll also consider how to use “Story Making” techniques to help bring existing content to life. And finally, we’ll dive into “Story Telling” itself, to reflect on the need to establish personal “Presence” in a remote, mediated environment.

Emotional Intelligence or EQ sits well at the heart of this soft skills Workshop, as you move the focus of your energies away from the rational logic contained in the content, to the implicit emotional connections embedded within the story that helps to hook your audience.

Course Outline
  • Exploring the foundations that underpin Story
  • Differentiating communication styles used in Story
  • Managing remote environmental aspects to amplify “Presence”
  • Understanding core elements needed to craft effective Story
  • Examining what makes Story so attractive and engaging
  • Appreciating the architecture and the shape of Story
  • Considering how tensions draw the audience in
  • Reflecting on its application to Business
Facilitation Approach For Learning

This is an experiential Workshop, which emphasises engagement, interaction, and practice. Participants should expect short presentations that introduce content, experiential activities for skills practice, and group discussions for reflection that deepens their learning.

Who Should Attend

This one-day Workshop recognises the importance of creating content that engages, especially when delivering in remote settings. In doing this, it also recognises that some people may not always feel comfortable when pressed to create content, or, to deliver it remotely.

Therefore, if you are a person at any level who’s looking to create a more engaging message and deliver in a mediated setting, then, this Workshop has been designed for you. It will build the competencies required to craft a Story that gets heard.

  • It’s a very enjoyable remote program
  • I learnt that stories can be used anywhere
  • Storification makes the presentations more lively
  • It was fun and interesting, especially going into breakout rooms
  • Interesting learning experience involving individual thought & discussion
  • The fundamental storytelling structure makes it easier to craft a coherent story
  • Building the story line makes people relate to the cause and reason
  • Good storytelling course, with lots of meaningful activities
  • This is one of the best workshops I have ever attended
  • This is a great course on storytelling
About The Trainer

Mr. Patrick O’Brien, CMgr

With a constant appetite for change, Patrick came to realise one very important thing; it’s the People that matter in business, their personal development & growth counts.

His approach to learning is reflected in his facilitation during delivery; it focuses on building & strengthening an individual’s “soft skills”. This leads to Training that’s designed to scaffold on top of three firm foundations.

First, learning needs to be fun for it to stick; enjoyment & engagement are precursors to absorption & adoption. Next, it has to be sufficiently real to be relevant; it needs collaboration, openness, creativity, and, a little intensity. Finally, it must match Participant expectations to be valuable; it has to substantially deliver what it states “on the tin”.

Patrick, therefore, designs Workshop experiences that masterfully combine Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with a deep Coaching mentality. Both are invitingly interlaced using Improvisational techniques. His diverse background and experience also allow him to facilitate inclusive and valuable learning moments. These are highly engaging, deeply empowering, and, thoroughly enjoyable.

His life’s journey has straddled different countries, continents & cultures, from Ireland and England, to New Zealand and Singapore. He’s worked his way through a variety of roles & levels in the corporate world, from Individual Contributor up to Managing Director. And, he has built considerable business experience whilst working across sectors such as government, technology, manufacturing, finance, consulting, aviation, telecommunications, and the Internet.

His formal education is well rounded: at Honours-level in IT, Masters-level in Marketing, and, an MBA in Finance. He is also a “Master Practitioner” of NLP, and an enthusiastic author with Articles appearing in the local media. In whatever form you experience his work, you’ll always feel his curiously cheerful sense of enjoyment; it just shines through.
Patrick is an active member of many international Professional bodies, such as the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and the Institute of Directors. He is proud to be one of only a small handful of “Chartered Managers” in Asia.

With a warm Irish wit, a love of the “craic” and a big beaming smile, audiences in over twenty-five countries have found his disarmingly, unpretentious, and conversational approach to learning, to be a refreshing & rewarding experience.


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$500 (Nett)
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