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Date15 May 2020, Fri
Time9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
VenueRoyal Plaza on Scotts Singapore Hotel Including Tea breaks and International Gourmet Buffet Lunch at Award winning Carousel Restaurant (Halal Certified)
FeeS$ 500 (Nett)
9767 9686 / 6278 9785

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The Secrets of Successful Body Language in the Workplace

- Engage with others using persuasive verbal and body language


Undercovering the science of how our bodies communicate our real emotions and intentions in the workplace.

Have you ever wondered what someone else may be thinking about you? Whether they are interested in what you have to offer or say? Or perhaps you may want to learn how to connect with people better? The greatest influence on the impressions we form comes not from the words we have spoken, but rather the non-verbal cues we pick up via body language, voice and eye contact. In fact, only 7% of your message is verbal whilst the rest is made through non-verbal cues such as voice tone, facial expressions, eye contact, head movements, gestures, and posture and body movements. Hence, understanding and assessing body language is fundamental into gaining insights of how others think and feel, and also improves your response and communication with others.

This workshop will change how you communicate with and read others non-verbally. It will show you the tools of baselining others; give you secrets of how to connect with others quickly; creating a great first impression; enable you to understand yours and others gestures and positions/movements; and even teaches you how to watch people’s eyes to assess where they are drawing their memories or processing information from. Not only will it guarantee your communication success in your business life, but also in networking, social and family lives too. This course is simply for everyone!


At the end of this 1-day workshop Pamela will teach YOU how to build rapport with anyone, using non-verbal communication, and the participants will gain valuable information on:

  • The pivotal effects of body language on communication based on scientific research and statistics
  • How quickly we judge someone for the first time and how to develop good and meaningful first impressions.
  • What our eye movements convey and how they can give us clues to our primary representational systems.
  • Whether you are primarily visual, kinaesthetic, auditory or more rational in your thinking methods.
  • Tips on the right gestures, handshakes, power signals, and authority signals.
  • Detect if you have interest of someone you are trying to build credibility with.
  • Some practical non-verbal tips to have people feel more connected with you.




  • The Impact of Non-Verbal Communication & First Impressions (Statistics)
  • Nature & Functions of The Subconscious Mind
  • The Gatekeeper in Persuasion- link between the subconscious mind & persuasion

READING & UNDERSTANDING THE EYES (interactive/dynamic)

  • Understanding People’s Rep Systems – going deep into understanding people’s eye movements & the predicates they use


  • Baselining Basic Body Language (Handshake, Pupils, Body Angling, Palm Gestures)
  • Building Rapport Through Subconscious Body Language Gestures (Mirroring/Matching, Confidence Gesture, Power Zones, Kindly Bront. Gesture, Touch)



Videos, group activities, hands-on discussions, volunteer based activities, note-taking, fun quizzes and role-play will all ensure the participants have learned and absorbed the material thoroughly.



“I have no hesitation to say that our NLP session with Pamela was the highlight of our Retreat. Be assured we have all gone back enriched with your valuable lessons which we will surely incorporate in our personal and professional lives.

ARIF VAZIRALLY, Owner & Chairman at Globalpharmatech Pvt. Ltd.

“Let me start by thanking you for inviting me to the Session by Ms. Kirpalani on “Secrets of Persuasion. All our lives we have been persuading our parents, friends & family to do or buy things as per wishes & to me that’s an art. It was mostly driven by emotions. However, in the corporate world logic overtakes emotion & hence it is imperative to know how to lead the person to be influenced to say ‘Yes”. What this session has done for me is to channelize my thoughts in training the team on the science of persuasion.”

SERVESH MARAPPA National Retail Manager, PAGE Industries | SPEEDO Division

“Pamela is unique in her field, she knows how to imbue her prolific knowledge so we understand and rapidly practice. I’m so glad I did her “ART OF PERSUASION” workshop and under her guidance learning these techniques and skills was fun and easy. An amazing shout out and a huge thank you Puja. The skills I acquired will remain for me always!

SANA CHAWLA, Author of “The Magic Within”

“Puja was by far, one of the best instructors I’ve had in this subject area. She communicated clearly, provided relevant examples to aid her teaching, and was able to engage an audience that seemed quite varied. I enjoyed my session, and surprisingly have retained much of the learnings a few weeks later.”

Claire Benjamin, Executive Director of Blaire Holdings, Coffee Bean Singapore



Pamela ‘Puja’ Kirpalani, the Founder and CEO of Inner High Living, is a well-known NLP Trainer and Coach in Singapore. She is also certified by the esteemed ABNlp (Australian Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as an International NLP Master Practitioner, IEMT Practitioner, Corporate Trainer and Life Coach. A Kings College Business Graduate, she also has over 15 years of corporate experience, having worked a number of years with Ernst & Young. She actively conducts workshops for various public and private organisations, such as the CRIB, YEO, World Presidents Organisation, Primetime Organisation, WeWorks India, American Association of Women and much more. Her passion lies in understanding how minds and behaviour are wired and what makes an excellent communicator. Her popular Sales Trainings Program teaches employees how to engage with others using persuasive verbal and body language.

Pamela’s work has been featured on BBC World, The Deccan Herald, Economic Times, Elephant Journal and Sassy Mama Singapore amongst many others.

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