Psychology of Success – Practical Psychological Insights that Can Help Everyone Succeed in Life and at Work

Learn how to be more effective at work and in life by learning how certain psychological factors can influence us.


Why do the behavior of your customers and colleagues, company boss and the mafia boss, neighbours and the naysayers, often seem to defy logic and violate rationality? Why do they often seem to react and respond in a way that seem to make no sense?

The short answer is that human beings are not rational beings. The long answer is that people are not rational beings, people are not rational beings, people are not rational beings! Rather, people are largely psychological beings who are frequently and easily influenced by a long list of psychological factors and forces.

From thinking about what to say during a job interview to how to answer when the prosecutor asks you if you have ever cheated on your income tax filing, from deciding whether to buy a new or a used car to whether or not to kidnap your rich boss for ransom, we are invariably influenced not just by our attitude toward the issue at hand but also the people around us, the context we are in, as well as many other internal and external psychological factors. This course discusses and explores some of these more interesting and important factors.

Learning Objectives
  1. Learn how to identify a list of subtle but overpowering psychological factors that influence all of us everyday
  2. Learn how to be more effective in the way we manage ourselves and other people useful and important practical psychological insights
Course Outline
  1. Prologue: Understanding human nature from a psychological perspective
  2. Our minds are mostly wired to deceive us!
  3. Why most of our reasons and reasoning are just plain nonsense!
  4. Self-justification effect: What everyone does all the time without knowing
  5. Self-serving bias: How our minds think all the time without our awareness
  6. Consistency bias: Things are not as smooth as they seem
  7. Survivor illusion: Why we should not trust “success stories” too much
  8. The halo effect: We are all so wrong about so many things and people
  9. Names matter: What you call your children can influence them a lot!
  10. A list of mental biases and fallacies that every executive should know
  11. Epilogue: What should we do from now on?
Who Should Attend
  • Anyone who is keen to learn a few interesting psychological ideas and insights
  • Anyone who wants to know how to be more effective at work and in life by learning how certain psychological factors can influence us (either positively or negatively)

Lim How is a fascinating speaker with full of unique ideas and unusual experiences. He is such a captivating and inspiring instructor! -Director of sales and marketing, Citibank Singapore

One of the most dynamic and experienced speakers I’ve seen. Lim How’s classes are so filled with new ideas that are both powerful and practical. —Department manager and project head, IBM Singapore

If you want to learn any new and interesting ideas from psychology that can help you to be a better leader, thinker, or decision-maker, you will find Lim How’s classes extremely beneficial. Director and mathematical engineer, Toyota Malaysia

I didn’t know there is so much more than one can learn from psychology to be a more effective leader. Lim How has proven me wrong. -CEO, Kellogg Malaysia

I never expected to learn so much from a two-day workshop until I attended two of Lim How’s classes! Amazing job and well done, Lim How! -Colonel, RSAF pilot

I enjoyed his classes thoroughly! Lim How is a very dynamic and knowledgeable speaker. -Colonel, Singapore Armed Forces

What I like most about Lim How’s classes is that he doesn’t make things up. Almost every concept he presents is backed by science and research. And everything he teaches is so practical and applicable. Thanks, Lim How! -Senior scientist at A*STAR


a man sitting on a couch.

Lim How is a corporate trainer-consultant based in Singapore. He is a recognized expert in the broad fields of thinking skills, and human relations. A psychology graduate from Yale University, he has served various Fortune 500 companies such as Citibank, IBM, Kellogg’s, Toyota, and UBS, and has been frequently invited to share his expertise with business leaders in different parts of the world. While at Yale, he developed two executive programs that have been used by various MNCs to train their management teams and senior executives.
Lim How is an acclaimed author of three psychology books and an accomplished speaker. Lim How is also the author of three acclaimed personal and professional development books that can be used as platforms for corporate training. They are: (1) Psych Talk, (2) The Salience Effect, and (3) The Two Colors of Truth. Together, the three books have received strong endorsements from experts from Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, NYU, UCLA, and Yale.

His books have received strong endorsement from distinguished professors from top universities including Ellen Langer (Harvard), Edgar Schein (MIT), Emily Balcetis (NYU), and John Bargh (Yale). Witty and informative, Lim How’s books cleverly bring to life many important psychological insights based on fascinating psychological studies that make them a must-read for anyone who wants to understand why humans think, feel, and behave the way they do, and who wants to know how best to connect with or influence people.
A versatile and interactive speaker with the gift of provoking his audience both to think differently and to rethink their assumptions, Above all, he is best known for his usually lively, witty, and highly informative seminars and workshops. To date, he has conducted countless seminars and workshops to business audiences and the general public in various parts of the world, including Singapore, different parts of Asia, and USA.


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$ 500 (Nett)

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