Powerful Emotional Drivers for Decision Making

Unlocking Emotional Fulfilment: Understanding Your 8 Top Drivers for Success

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“Emotional Drivers” are psychological factors that influence and motivate human behaviour and decision-making. They are your deep-seated emotional needs or desires that you consciously or unconsciously seek in your life everyday. If your top emotional needs are filled, your “emotional tank” is full. If they are not filled, you feel restless.

The 8 fundamental emotional drivers include the need for:

illustration showing eight monkeys, each paired with a label and description of different emotional drivers like belonging, security, diversity, recognition, achievement, challenge/growth, excellence, and responsibility.

The ranking of these top emotional drivers is different for everyone, and can change with time, based on your environment, experiences, and especially traumas. Your top emotional drivers can be deciphered through a card game analysis.

Every day, we deal with colleagues, friends and family members who are driven by emotional needs that may be different from ours. Applying the knowledge of emotional drivers will help you to fill the emotional tank of others, thereby improving your ability to communicate more effectively and better build a connection with people with various “emotional drivers”.

Importantly, understanding your top emotional drivers will guide you to make better decisions which aligned more to your authentic self, leading to a more fulfilled life.

Course Objectives
  • Understand the essence of the 8 “emotional drivers”.
  • Apply knowledge to rank your personal top 3 drivers.
  • Apply understanding of your top “emotional drivers” to effectively guide future decision-making.
  • Identify the consequences of overusing any “emotional driver” in your life on yourself and others around you.
  • Improve your ability to communicate more effectively and better build a connection with people with different “emotional drivers”.
Course Outline

You will be learning the following:

Understanding your emotional drivers can greatly contribute to your overall fulfilment in life in several ways:


  • Understanding your emotional drivers allows you to have a deeper understanding of yourself, and why you are more comfortable in taking certain actions or making certain decisions, in the present or in the past.
  • You will also discover how overusing any emotional driver impacts on your own life, and those around you.

Goal Setting, Achievement and Personal Growth:

  • When you understand your emotional drivers, you can set goals that are meaningful and aligned with what truly matters to you.
  • This clarity enables you to focus your efforts on pursuits that are fulfilling and rewarding, increasing your chances of success and satisfaction when you achieve them.

Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships:

  • Aside identifying your own drivers, you can also start to identify other people’s emotional drivers.
  • This allows you to manage your expectations when communicating with others of different emotional drivers; and better connect with them with the knowledge of what drives them.
Who Should Attend
  • Individuals looking to gain a deeper understanding of their own motivations and emotional drivers for better decision and life satisfaction
  • Managers and leaders interested in enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction within their teams.
  • Human resources professionals aiming to implement strategies for employee development and well-being.
  • Anyone interested in improving their decision-making processes and life satisfaction by aligning their actions with their core emotional drivers.

“I have been to many training sessions and this was the most professional presentation I have ever attended. I was very impressed with how the general communication knowledge was translated into usability in the Work Environment. Outstanding combination of technical knowledge and application to day to day life in office and home. The reference materials are very comprehensive and an excellent means of conveying the information. You have a superior approach that is handled in a professional manner. Your program was well organized. The demonstrations are very effective. Great motivation, enthusiasm and confidence from everyone in the training room. Relevant and well presented. After taking this training I plan to share this knowledge with all my colleagues in the Division by giving a presentation on what I have learnt.” – Ismael Vijay Kumar S, Contracts Assistant, Qatargas Operating Company Limited, Qatar

“I have totally enjoyed Celina’s training sessions which get the message across in unique ways. As a pragmatic professional, I find Celina’s training program absolutely well structured, easy to grasp, practical yet impactful with personal stories and inspiring video choices. I also brought home concrete ways in which I can instantly apply effective communication and branding skills in developing my career, and in the new way I now communicate and interact with others. Your session was very empowering, you are definitely a people transformer and many of your words sparked new thoughts and ideas in my mind for future projects, some of which I later discussed with you. Thank you, Celina.” – Anna Rashevskaya, Legal consultant, Architectural bureau Prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia


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Profiling and Communication Expert: Ms. Celina Anne Gan

Over 25 years of working in Asia and Europe, Celina Gan has accumulated a vast experience and know-how in working, training and coaching participants from different cultures, work backgrounds and across languages. Celina trains in Europe, Middle East and Asia, working with leading MNCs, the civil service and educational institutions Her substantive work, consulting and training experience across the Asian and European continent with leading MNCs, the civil and educational sectors have deepened her understanding of the many challenges faced by different entities, leaders and individuals in an ever-changing environment. Celina is very passionate about training. Her style of training engages participants in practical sessions with personable examples, humour and hands-on activities for instant understanding and applicability. Celina’s motto is: “Stretch your Comfort Zone; Expand your Boundaries; and Enable Transitions to Take Place”. Celina has received many positive testimonials from programmes and workshops she has conducted in different countries. Her extensive list of corporate clients includes: the Prime Minister’s Office; Singapore Ministry of Education; Commercial Affairs Department; The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants; MDIS; Securities Industry Development Corporation; Singapore Kindness Movement; Sports SG; Gardens by the Bay; Land Transport Authority; Intel; Dell; Accenture; Agilent; Venture Electronics, Schneider Electric; Nestle; Regent’s University, London; Singapore Polytechnic; NAFA; Singapore Institute of Technology; The Muslim Coverts Association of Singapore; The Royal Air Force Clinic UK; Wycombe General Hospital UK; Qatar as, Qatar, etc.

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