Microsoft Excel Pivot Table In-Depth

Excel’s most powerful analytical tool is the PivotTable.

In this course, you’ll be taught how to leverage PivotTables to summarize, sort, count, and chart your data in Microsoft Excel.

This course shows you how to navigate the complexity of PivotTables while taking advantage of their power.

You will learn how to

  • build PivotTables from single data source,
  • add calculated fields,
  • filter your results, and
  • format your layout to make it more readable.


Course Objectives
  • Preparing data source to use in Pivot Table
  • Preparing data source to use in Pivot Table
  • Get data from external source
  • Summarizing multiple data fields
  • Managing subtotals and grand totals
  • Grouping PivotTable fields
  • Filtering with selections, rules, search filters, slicers, and timeline
  • Applying PivotTable styles
  • Formatting cells with conditional formatting
  • Show different calculations in PivotTable value fields
  • Create calculated fields using formulas
  • Create calculated items with combine fields
  • Creating PivotCharts
Course Outline
  • Introduction to PivotTable
  • Preparing data source to be use in PivotTable
  • Creating the PivotTable
  • Using external data source in PivotTable
  • About PivotTable Fields Pane
  • About PivotTable structure
  • Building up the PivotTable
  • Pivoting the PivotTable
  • Show report filter pages
  • Removing field from the PivotTable
  • Managing PivotTable
  • Grouping fields
  • Sorting and filtering PivotTable data
  • Refreshing PivotTable
  • Formatting the PivotTable
  • Summarizing PivotTable Data
  • Working with PivotChart
  • Printing PivotTables & PivotChart
  • Grouping problem and solution
  • Calculation in PivotTable
    • Calculated field
    • Calculated Item
    • Calculations in Show Value As
  • Converting a crosstab data into normal data list (optional)
  • Using multiple source data (optional)
  • Must have attended Excel Basic or has been using Excel for the past three years continuously
  • Must know how to use Excel basic functions
  • Basic knowledge on Excel chart
Who Should Attend
  • People who wants to learn how to create Pivot Table in a proper way
  • People who wants to go beyond the basic Pivot Table like using formula to create calculated fields
  • People who wants to summarize their data in different ways
  • People who wants to generate more reports which is hard to achieve in normal spreadsheet
  • People who wants to generate chart that can be change easily using Pivot Table

This is a one-day hands-on course.

The trainer will explain the topic and then guide you through with step-by-step practice. You will be provided with real-life scenarios for individual topics so that you can apply what is being taught. After the hands-on practice on every topic, you’ll have a short Q & A session.

Things to bring during the course
  1. A laptop (preferable your personal laptop)
  2. Laptop power adaptor
  3. A USB mouse
  4. Software requirement:
    • Microsoft Word and Excel version 2013-2019 or Office 365
About The Trainer

Mr Alaster Leong

Having trained adult learners specialising in IT from both public and private sectors since 1986, Alaster has a wealth of experience in training. Before moving into the training sector, Alaster worked in IT for over 12 years – boasting a wide range of roles held within software development. Prior to being approved by the People’s Association (PA), Alaster was an Associate Trainer with the Civil Service College.

Besides holding a Diploma in IT, Alaster also holds a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification and specialises in training Microsoft Office Applications and Adobe Photoshop.

With his vast experience and commitment to keeping abreast with emerging trends, tools and technologies within the IT and software industry, Alaster is extensively involved in developing course outlines and materials that equip learners with up-and-coming skills in demand for the future of work.

In constantly exploring innovative and effective methods of imparting knowledge, Alaster is able to engage his learners in the courses he conducts. A large part of his training is committed to providing practical solutions to real-life problems. An approachable and engaging trainer, Alaster is always willing to aid his learners in overcoming various problems using the skills acquired even after courses. Well-known and liked for his dedication, commitment, and passion for training, Alaster is appreciated by his learners.

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre
02 Jul 2024
Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre
29 Nov 2024


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$500 (Nett)

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre

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