High Impact Presentation Skills

PRESENTING TO IMPRESS – Wow your audience with no jitters

80% of all public speeches delivered are done off-the-cuff. Speaking off-the-cuff is not about speaking unprepared. It is about training the participant’s mind to transfer his/her thinking and feelings into words in double quick time. The other 20% of public speeches are delivered after thorough and careful preparation, editing, rehearsals and practice.

  • It is about training the participant to express his/her opinions, present information or provide suggestions at lightning speed, under pressure, but still maintaining his/her cool and projecting a calm and controlled demeanour.
  • Staying poised when composing his/her thoughts on his/her feet, is a skill – an art he/she can be trained to do.
  • Speech-Writing skills is imperative in crafting a compelling, informative, sales, marketing, inspirational, persuasive or motivational speech.  

Why are Presentation Skills so important?

Professionally: The higher you climb up the rungs of your success ladder, the more you will be required to speak. You might have to talk about your work, specialty, product or organization at a conference, make an acceptance speech after receiving an award, make an on-line presentation, give a report to management about your team’s performance or even to take part in an oratorical contest in the future! Creating the FIRST Positive, Memorable and Impactful Impression is an art that you will acquire in this course.

Your training starts Now!

Socially: Make a congratulatory speech at your brother’s or sister’s graduation, giving a toast to your friend at his/her birthday, or a toast at your best friend’s wedding, give a eulogy for a loved one. Inspire a group that you lead or simply introducing yourself at a networking meeting.

Course Objectives

In today’s digital age, most people lose touch with face-to-face, eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart communication in public speaking/presentation and interpersonal connection skills. You will be the exception!

  • You will differentiate yourself. You will stand out from the crowd. You will become more visible and respected.
  • You will enhance your persuasive skill and win over your clients, superiors, peers as well as subordinates with your oratorical prowess.
  • You will be seen and respected as a leader, for being able to communicate confidently, clearly and concisely.
  • You will learn to be effective in convincing your audience of your ideas, thoughts and beliefs.
Course Outline

This enlightening, engaging and experiential full-day course promises to be interesting, fun-filled, eye-opening and fulfilling.

  • Mastering the art of speaking extemporaneously. (conjuring a speech at the snap-of-the-fingers)
  • Tearing down the barriers to effective public speaking.
  • Conquering stage fright.
  • Maximising the effective use of body language in public speaking.
  • What do you do when your mind goes blank?
  • Mastering the basics of effective one-to-group communication.
  • Connecting with the audience on the get go! (Within the first 3 mins)
  • 6 points to establish rapport with the audience.
  • 7 steps to get your audience involved.
  • 11 golden rules of speech writing.
  • Enhancing pronunciationenunciationdiction and clarity in speaking.
  • Using visual aids as an aid and not a crutch.
  • Language: Singlish, Singapore English and Received Pronunciation (RP).
  • Mastering the proper use of the lectern.
  • Fielding questions from the audience – doing it like a pro!
Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to make a presentation and wants to grasp the essential knowledge and skills in delivering any presentation, talks or speech too.

About The Trainer

John Sih is a trained public speaker and an Educator of Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication skills. He holds a London College of Music (LCM) Honours Certificate in Public Speaking and a teaching and performance certificate from Trinity College. He is also a Master Trainer and Facilitator, who learned the ropes from local and international Master Trainers.

As the Principal Trainer, he specializes in grooming individuals to become effective Interpersonal Communicators and Public Speakers. He also trains sales professionals in the Art of Selling and front-line executives in Customer Service skills.

John is the First trainer outside the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, who is licensed to use and impart the Psycho-Geometrics System. He is the Master Trainer and franchisee of the system in Asia, after having mastered and internalized the use of the system since 1991.

As a sales professional, he was a Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) member and has achieved the International Quality Award for Excellence (IQA), during his stint in the life and general insurance industry.

As a body language expert, John is often favourably compared with his guru – he is fondly known as the Allan Pease of Singapore. John has been featured in the Female magazine as well as local newspapers, expounding on the impact and importance of body language, as a form of non-verbal communication.

Clare Tan (Sales Manager)

The trainer definitely has many years of experience in this field – and he managed to cut down my learning curve, by sharing his experience in the form of story-telling. “Facts tell – stories sell”! This course is packed with valuable tips that are both practical and effective. The trainer is also full of energy.

Clare Tan
Sales Manager

Mabel Wong (Nurse)

I like John’s approach – clear and simple language used, humorous and very professional. He walks his talk! He is my role-model!

Mabel Wong

Joseph Tan Kah Shiong (Financial Controller)

John is humorous, knowledgeable and humble. He is able to balance theoretical with practical training and blended in interesting personal stories to enhance learning and understanding. He skilfully made sure that every participant had an opportunity to speak, with the short span of time we had. I am totally satisfied with the course. Should be extended to 3 days. Will look out for more of John’s course.

Joseph Tan Kah Shiong
Financial Controller

Chun Hun Shen (Engineer)

Very refreshing and practically applicable in all situations. The trainer has managed to bring out the hidden talent in me and enhanced believe and confidence in myself. Being voted the Best Speaker in the course proved that.

Chun Hun Shen

Cpt Ng SY (Army Regular)

Mr. John Sih has great depth in his knowledge and a wealth of experience that he has brought into his training. I was enthused, energised and enlightened. Never had I attended a course so intriguing

Cpt Ng SY (Army Regular)
Holiday Inn Atrium/Furama City Centre/VOCO
22 Nov 2024


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$500 (Nett)

Holiday Inn Atrium/Furama City Centre/VOCO

Course Fees Including Tea Breaks and Buffet Lunch
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