Data Management & Reporting

Transforming Data into Actionable Insights

In the sea of data that flows through an organization—every purchase order, paycheck, invoice, and operations report—lies hidden insights crucial to steering business strategy. Yet, this data often resides in granular, unsummarized forms, making the task of harnessing it for decision-making daunting and resource-intensive.

Imagine the man-hours spent, the frustration of sifting through rows upon rows of data, and the bottleneck of creating bespoke reports for each managerial need. The complexity multiplies as businesses grow, often resulting in reports that are obsolete the moment they’re compiled. The consequence? Decisions delayed and opportunities missed.

In just one transformative day, we’ll show you how to turn this data deluge into a streamlined process right within MS Excel. Learn to design versatile reports that cater to multiple managers, generate them directly from raw data—bypassing the tedious creation of summary tables—and refresh with a single click for the next cycle.

Course Objectives
  • Understanding of the analytics process, and the role of that Data Management plays in the value chain
  • Develop technical skills in data management, including merging data across multiple tables, managing data errors & building new calculated data fields to support the analytics process
  • Learn how to how to turn the processed data tables into interactive dashboard reports; as well as to automatically update them with new data

Through this workshop, you will not only learn the technical skills but also the strategic thinking behind effective data management and reporting.

Course Outline
  • Welcome to the world of Analytics
    • Discover what analytics really means and why it’s a game-changer in today’s data-driven world. We will explore the foundations of building lasting, valuable analytics capabilities.
  • Understanding the Analytics Value Chain
    • Delve into the critical processes that deliver analytical value and recognize the pivotal role of Data Management and Reporting in this journey. Learn why the meticulous process of data management is the bedrock of insightful analytics.
  • Mastering Data Management
    • Roll up your sleeves for an immersive, hands-on experience in data preparation—your first step towards analytics mastery. Engage with real-world exercises to: ▪ Seamlessly merge multiple data sources.
      • Identify and rectify data discrepancies.
      • Differentiate between system and calculated data fields.
      • Apply powerful Excel tools and functions to refine your dataset.
  • Driving into Data Interactivity
    • Transform your organized data into compelling stories. We’ll guide you through:
      • Crafting insightful data summaries with Pivot Tables.
      • Enhancing data with advanced sorting, summarization, and visualization techniques.
      • Adding calculated items and field to elevate your analysis.
  • Crafting Interactive Reports
    • Move beyond static data with dynamic interactive reports. Gain practical skills in:
      • Building dashboards that update with a click of a button.
      • Implementing design principles to create engaging data visualizations.
      • Constructing interactive Excel dashboards that cater to varied user needs.
  • Visualization Showcase and Hands-on Practice
    • Get inspired with a showcase of leading data visualization tools like Tableau and PowerBI, followed by a practical session where you’ll create your own interactive dashboard using Excel.
Who Should Attend
  • Analysts or Professionals with data management and/or reporting responsibilities
  • Analysts or Professionals looking to pick up new tips and tricks to enhance their skills in data management and reporting
  • All other professionals with a keen interest in developing strong foundations in data analytics

Participants are required to bring their own laptops with MS Excel and Powerpoint (version 2013 or later) to participate in the data exercises

  • The trainer was patient in troubleshooting troubles faced by the participants, and it was useful being able to practice what was being taught.
  • Discovered that excel can do wonders! as a beginner to excel. The Trainer was very patient with me. 2 thumbs up!!!”
  • A lot of practice given to us and this able to let us understand better.
  • The trainer can engage us actively and frequent check’-ins made this course engaging”
  • The course was practical and engaging. The trainer shared useful techniques, tips and shared relatable real-life examples. Right after the course, I was able to create an interactive dashboard to share with the team.
  • Mr Michael Lee is very knowledgeable on the topic. The experience was beyond my expectation. I expected a lecture, but it was an interactive session.

dashboard of a business report for eastmore restaurant featuring charts on sales, revenue, guest count, and spending patterns broken down by meal segments and weeks in 2015.


black and white headshot of an asian man in a suit, with a cityscape in the soft-focus background.

Principal Consultant: Michael Lee

Michael brings over 25 years of IT expertise and a broad spectrum of experience across sales, client management, business operations, and customer service. His diverse roles have spanned the public and private sectors, including positions as a vendor, systems integrator, distributor, and end-user. Before being a trainer, Michael was instrumental in overseeing the Asia Pacific sales operations for Linksys, managing day-to-day operations and spearheading sales in China. His rich background also includes leading sales operations for Cisco Systems in Asia Pacific and driving business operations for customer service in Asia Pacific & Japan at Cisco, where he also led a global Metrics & Business Intelligence team. Michael is equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Mathematics and an MBA, both from the National University of Singapore. He is also an ACLP certified trainer, bringing a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to his training sessions.

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre
23 Sep 2024


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$ 600 (Nett)

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre

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