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Date19 - 20 May 2020, Tue - Wed
Time9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
VenueRoyal Plaza on Scotts Singapore Hotel Including Tea breaks and International Gourmet Buffet Lunch at Award winning Carousel Restaurant (Halal Certified)
FeeS$ 980 (Nett)
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May 2020

Crime & Criminals! Body Language In Crime

Recognize and Read the Body Language of the Guilty

Spot Criminals and Liars reading the Body Language

The professional qualities of any law enforcement officer first of all, is how is he able to determine the true intentions of the criminal, to solve processes, occurring among the convicts, methods of preparing and committing crimes, tactical methods of masking criminal behavior and relationships, to predict the conflict development of events in prisons and unlawful behavior of convicts after release. In the context of this problem, it is also important to note, that in the criminal environment people communicate mainly with gestures. This law enforcement agencies at any level should know as well as recognize the gestures, facial expressions and postures of convicts.

This course is designed to equip law enforcement officers with the knowledge of Criminal Body Language and how they can use this knowledge to read beyond the obvious and determine a subject’s true thoughts and feelings. Without the use of these tools, an interviewer can be tempted to take the interview at face value, resulting in wrongful convictions and the culpable getting off scot-free.

Fortunately, body language cues like gestures, eye movement, body posture and touch are mostly involuntary and there is a science to them which once understood in the context of the situation, simplify the process and result in an officer being able to see through a criminals’ facade. We will explore the basics of body language and unravel the secret body messages of criminals to equip our learners with the basic knowledge to assist them in an interview situation.

We will also seek to equip officers with tools in self-improvement that can help them advance, both in building their personalities and in career development.


  • To give an overview of body language & to gain an insight into body language
  • To state how Enforcement officers are empowered to detect crime & to understand the effects of culture on body language interpretation
  • To explain the concept of space and distance as they relate to communication
  • To understand the use of emotions through facial expressions
  • To know how we can rely on the eyes for crime detection
  • To understand the concept of haptic communication
  • To understand how to profile criminals in all situations
  • To understand how to interpret paralanguage communication
  • To know the messages in criminals’ gestures and postures & to understand the body language messages of hand movements
  • To investigate the manner of expression of criminals, to share some tips on how to improve on the act of reading people & To know the reasons people fail to rightly interpret body language signals


By the end of the Course, the participants should be able to:

  • Define body language
  • Understand the of interpreting body language
  • Learn to interpret basic movements in criminals
  • Describe the officers play in crime detection
  • Explain how different cultures for similar body language nuances
  • Define the basics of personal space
  • Describe the emotions relating to space and distance
  • Understand how criminals take advantage of space to perpetrate and conceal their crimes
  • Define the two types of emotional reaction
  • Explain how facial expressions can be used to
  • Define the relationship between eye
  • Describe how a law enforcement officer movement
  • Define haptic communication
  • Define appropriate and inappropriate in an interview
  • Describe criminal profiling and its role in cracking down on offenders
  • Describe the process of perceived behavior ties into this
  • Define paralanguage communication
  • Explain how silence can be or interviewer to gain an upper hand
  • Understand which posture are to be in control of an interview
  • Understand what different postures and hand gestures signify
  • Understand the language of criminals
  • Understand how to read people of body language
  • Identify your areas of strength and weakness and determine how you can improve each


  • Anyone who has ever interacted with another person!
  • HR Managers involved with Hiring process and Interviews
  • Entrepreneurs, Business people, Salespersons
  • Investigation Team
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Civil Servants
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Compliance Officers
  • Customer Services Managers and officers
  • Education and Training
  • Insurance
  • Law Enforcement, Lawyers
  • Marketing, Market Research, Purchasing & Sales Employers
  • Security Personnel
  • Enforcement Officers


The training materials are masterfully sought, well-prepared and thoroughly-checked just in a bid to encompass all the societal components. Thus, no one should be left out in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

This will be a two-day course, conducted formally and the following methodologies will be applied:

  • Presentation
  • Group Discussion
  • Individual and team exercises
  • Videos
  • Role-playing
  • Case studies


Security expert and Behavioural Analyst Master Trainer – Alan Elangovan

Alan Elangovan is a teacher, mentor, trainer, security expert and behavioural analyst. He has occupied his space as a trainer in Singapore for the past thirty years. Still, the fire of his intellectual acumen rages in every sector of the country. His services have been employed by both new and old companies and he has always exemplified the perfect definition of balance. Alan is not a hunger-driven trainer. As a way of enhancing his skills and expertise in his chosen field, Alan has been to Australia, Germany and Denmark for specialised training sessions. Anytime he teaches, he portrays universality and standard.

After revolutionising many firms in Singapore, the news of his prowess spreads to other neighbouring Asian nations and in 2005, he became an international trainer. Indonesia, Malaysia, Bhutan and Cambodia are some of his usual training nations. To demonstrate how charming his training sessions are, many of his trainees have had the course to travel down to Singapore moments when his itineraries are filled up. The continuous flow of classes he conducts for people from all over the world has unarguably enhanced the quality of his delivery and also increased his knowledge. He does not jump into areas where he knows he does not have a perfect mastery of its subject matter.

His classes do center on public speaking, behavioral analysis, security, crisis management in the corporate world, enhancement of employees’ productivity, control of emotions and other germane issues tailored towards the improvement of our world. He is no doubt the perfect trainer for any of your professional needs.

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