Create Fill in Form in Word

Create Fill-in Form in Word & Import Form Data from Excel
– Make a Fillable Form in Word & Collect Data the Easy Way

Do you create your own forms? How convenient do you find Microsoft Word as compared to the more popular Google Forms or many other online alternatives?

This course is designed for Organisation who are not allowed to use Google forms to collect data due to security reasons. This course allows Organisation to create surveys, questionnaires or application forms and after which the information can be collated for analysis by a few simple steps. You can increase your work productivity without having any programming knowledge to achieve exactly what Google forms can do.

Gathering information from others can be quite a task and time consuming. Have you ever thought of the following?

  • How can I gather information from people?
  • How can I gather digital information?
  • How can I create digital fill-in form?
  • How can I transfer the digital form into tabular format without having to enter manually?
  • How can I batch transfer all digital forms into tabular format like Excel automatically?
  • How can I gather information more efficiently?

The above questions have been asked by many people. They just don’t know how to achieve or solve these questions. Because of no idea, they continue to collect and entering information manually. If you are one of the people who have asked any of the above questions, then this course is for you.

Course Objectives
  • Creating digital fill-in form in MS Word
  • Filling Word form
  • Automating the importing of Word forms in batch into Excel using VBA
  • Eventually, making your work more efficient and saving tones of time entering the collected data manually
Course Outline

Microsoft Word

  • Developer tab
  • Introduction to Content Controls
  • Which Content Controls should be avoided?
  • Building the structure of the form using Table
  • Inserting the Content Controls into the form structure
  • Setting the properties of the Content Controls
  • Save the document as the master copy
  • Protecting the document so that only form filling is allows
  • Save the document as another name for distribution

Microsoft Excel

  • Create a workbook for collecting the data from the Word document form
  • Create the VBA Sub procedure for importing form data from Word document in the Personal Macro Workbook
  • Place the macro in Excel QAT

Testing the Import of Form Data

  • Duplicate a few copies of the Word document that contains the form
  • Save all duplicated copies in the same path as the Excel workbook
  • Open all duplicated copies and fill the form
  • Open the workbook and start the importing
Facilitation Approach For Learning

This is a one-day hands-on course. The trainer will walk through the topic step-by-step. You will be provided with exercise files on every topic to effectively apply the tips and techniques taught. A short Q & A session will be available after each topic.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who required to collect data such as;

  • Salespeople
  • Human resource
  • Marketing & communication
  • Business development
  • Educator
  • and more…


  • Must have basic skill on MS Word
  • Must have basic skill on MS Excel
  • Programming and VBA knowledge is NOT required

Things to bring during the course:

  • A laptop (preferable your personal laptop)
  • Laptop MUST NOT restrict from using Excel VBA
  • Laptop power adaptor
  • A USB mouse
  • Software requirement: Microsoft Word and Excel version 2010-2019 or Office 365
About The Trainer

Mr Alaster Leong

Having trained adult learners specialising in IT from both public and private sectors since 1986, Alaster has a wealth of experience in training. Before moving into the training sector, Alaster worked in IT for over 12 years – boasting a wide range of roles held within software development. Prior to being approved by People’s Association (PA), Alaster was an Associate Trainer with the Civil Service College.

Besides holding a Diploma in IT, Alaster also holds a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification and specialises in training Microsoft Office Applications and Adobe Photoshop.

With his vast experience and commitment to keeping abreast with emerging trends, tools and technologies within the IT and software industry, Alaster is extensively involved in developing course outlines and materials that equip learners with up-and-coming skills in demand for the future of work.

In constantly exploring innovative and effective methods of imparting knowledge, Alaster is able to engage his learners in the courses he conducts. A large part of his trainings is committed to providing practical solutions to real-life problems. An approachable and engaging trainer, Alaster is always willing to aid his learners in overcoming various problems using the skills acquired even after courses. Well-known and liked for his dedication, commitment, and passion for training, Alaster is appreciated by his learners.


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$500 (Nett)
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