Construct Clear Flowcharts Like a Pro with Microsoft PowerPoint

The key to effective visual communication lies in an intuitively understandable design – while most working professionals face little issues with communicating text and data in a slide, creating an intuitive Flowchart which fits in perfectly in a slide remains a crux, even for professional designers.

While several Flowchart design tools exist, optimizing a Flowchart to be presented within a slide poses a challenge for many – should the Flowchart take on a “Hero” layout? Or should legibility be compromised by reducing the Flowcharts size? Or should the Flowchart be created with SmartArt instead?

Construct Clear Flowcharts Like a Pro with Microsoft PowerPoint is developed to equip participants with the confidence and competence to create intuitive and professional Flowcharts using Microsoft PowerPoint. Participants will be introduced to the 4 main types of Flowcharts, the key symbols used to communicate various aspects of information, and their importance in Flowchart design.

Through case studies, participants will be introduced to common Flowchart design mistakes and gain a clearer understanding on how every aspect of design shapes how their audience interprets and interacts with the Flowcharts created.

Participants will also be acquainted with the essential tools, functions, and resources used in creating Flowcharts, and will learn how to harness them to create professional and stunning Flowcharts through actionable hands-on activities during this workshop.

Course Outline
  • Understand the basic components and symbols used to create different flowcharts
  • Recognise the uses of different types of flowcharts and select the relevant flowchart based on audience needs
  • Identify commonly made mistakes when designing flowcharts and how to avoid them
  • Utilize a tried-and-tested design framework to create professional flowcharts in PowerPoint without relying on SmartArt or third-party templates
  • Organize information in preparation for creating the flowchart
  • Apply colour composition and typographic effects to make flowcharts more visually engaging
  • Present information in flowchart components succinctly
Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for executives and managers who need to visualize process and flowcharts to present information in a systematic and organized format for stakeholders, clients, and public audiences


  • Participants are required to have a laptop with Microsoft PowerPoint installed
  • Participants are recommended to have the latest version of PowerPoint or Office 365 installed
  • Participants may also use older versions of PowerPoint, although they might not have access to certain features covered during the workshop
  • Participants are recommended to bring a mouse and charger for face-to-face workshops
  • Participants should at least have a basic understanding of PowerPoint
Trainer’s Profile

Design Expert & Consultant – Ezekiel Ho   

Ezekiel firmly believes that strong design skills are more necessary than ever in a business environment where what’s shown on screen either attracts or repels audiences. He strives to equip people with the skills to effectively use PowerPoint to create various engaging digital info-communication assets ranging from engaging Presentations to insightful Infographics and everything in between.

More than a facilitator, Ezekiel believes in leading by example and actively develops decks which help companies seeking to raise funds, pitch for awards, launch and sell products and services, or communicate key ideas through workshops and seminars. To date, he has conducted workshops for companies and agencies like the American Embassy, CAAS, FairPrice, NUS, Schenker, SUSS, UOB, and YHI, transforming how the participants from these workshops perceive design and create content using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Holiday Inn Atrium/Furama City Centre/VOCO
28 Jun 2024


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$580 (NETT)

Holiday Inn Atrium/Furama City Centre/VOCO

Course Fees Including Tea Breaks and Buffet Lunch
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