Conflict Avoidance: Knowing Yourself, Understanding Others for Better Collaboration at Work

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We know that to build a fantastic team synergy, it is crucial that everyone, in their uniqueness, is better understood, appreciated, and feels included and valued. This makes a healthy, positive, and conducive workplace with improved team morale, cohesiveness, engagement, and productivity. This also enhances tolerance and understanding of each other and is an enabler for better teamwork.

However, the reality is that our work environment does affect us. Some people may feel underestimated, undervalued, or even misjudged. A part of this boils down to being able to communicate effectively, to our mindset, perceptions, actions and reactions of ourselves and others around us.

When we realise this, we understand that what we do or don’t do or say, affects ourselves and others. The other way round is also true. While we communicate and act or react with more awareness and focus on positive behaviours within ourselves and each other, we will influence more of the same.

You will walk away with a new understanding of how clarity is achieved by different people and how to communicate at the next level to avoid conflicts. You will never communicate in the same way.

It goes without saying therefore that knowing yourself and understanding others in your team becomes an enabler of a cohesive and productive team.

Importantly, understanding your top emotional drivers will guide you to make better decisions which aligned more to your authentic self, leading to a more fulfilled life.

Course Objectives
  • Understand the true benefits of an effective team and the key “psychological” obstacles which prevents effective communication and how to address them
  • Understand how your mindset affects an outcome and how it impacts others within the team to avoid conflict
  • Develop self-awareness to identify triggers and reactions in conflict situations
  • Recognise and use your ability to create an environment of success for yourself and within the team
Course Outline

Through team exercises, videos and activities, participants will experience the following:

  • What are the underlying reasons people are mostly terrible at understanding each other, hence the confusion, misunderstanding, and conflicts that arise.

(Participants experience first-hand, the “psychological barriers” that often leads to issues in communication through a variety of mini a-ha activities and discuss ways to reduce such misunderstandings)

  • Where is your “Internal GPS”

(Participants check where their internal radar is taking them in different situations (activities) because it dictates their focus and decision-making. Participants then discuss interestingly, the impact on their mindset and on productivity, when working as a team, as well as how they would act differently the next time

  • What is the “Color” of your Brain and how does this impact decision making and working together with team members of different brain colors?

(“Colored Brain” communication has a genetic foundation and is validated and accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology. Participants will get an introduction into the 4 different ways in which the different colored brains operate and communicate).

  • What is the part you play in creating an environment of success for yourself and your team?

(Here, participants round up the learning of the day and discuss the different ways they could play a bigger part in enabling a more joyous and conducive work environment which values the contributions and leverages the strengths of each team member).

Who Should Attend
  • Managers, supervisors and officers aiming to reduce conflict and enhance collaboration in their teams.
  • Professionals interested in improving their communication, interpersonal skills and understanding team dynamics.
  • Anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others to navigate workplace dynamics more effectively.

“I have been to many training sessions and this was the most professional presentation I have ever attended. I was very impressed with how the general communication knowledge was translated into usability in the Work Environment. Outstanding combination of technical knowledge and application to day to day life in office and home. The reference materials are very comprehensive and an excellent means of conveying the information. You have a superior approach that is handled in a professional manner. Your program was well organized. The demonstrations are very effective. Great motivation, enthusiasm and confidence from everyone in the training room. Relevant and well presented. After taking this training I plan to share this knowledge with all my colleagues in the Division by giving a presentation on what I have learnt.” – Ismael Vijay Kumar S, Contracts Assistant, Qatargas Operating Company Limited, Qatar

“I have totally enjoyed Celina’s training sessions which get the message across in unique ways. As a pragmatic professional, I find Celina’s training program absolutely well structured, easy to grasp, practical yet impactful with personal stories and inspiring video choices. I also brought home concrete ways in which I can instantly apply effective communication and branding skills in developing my career, and in the new way I now communicate and interact with others. Your session was very empowering, you are definitely a people transformer and many of your words sparked new thoughts and ideas in my mind for future projects, some of which I later discussed with you. Thank you, Celina.” – Anna Rashevskaya, Legal consultant, Architectural bureau Prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia


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Profiling and Communication Expert: Ms. Celina Anne Gan

Over 25 years of working in Asia and Europe, Celina Gan has accumulated a vast experience and know-how in working, training and coaching participants from different cultures, work backgrounds and across languages. Celina trains in Europe, Middle East and Asia, working with leading MNCs, the civil service and educational institutions Her substantive work, consulting and training experience across the Asian and European continent with leading MNCs, the civil and educational sectors have deepened her understanding of the many challenges faced by different entities, leaders and individuals in an ever-changing environment. Celina is very passionate about training. Her style of training engages participants in practical sessions with personable examples, humour and hands-on activities for instant understanding and applicability. Celina’s motto is: “Stretch your Comfort Zone; Expand your Boundaries; and Enable Transitions to Take Place”. Celina has received many positive testimonials from programmes and workshops she has conducted in different countries. Her extensive list of corporate clients includes: the Prime Minister’s Office; Singapore Ministry of Education; Commercial Affairs Department; The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants; MDIS; Securities Industry Development Corporation; Singapore Kindness Movement; Sports SG; Gardens by the Bay; Land Transport Authority; Intel; Dell; Accenture; Agilent; Venture Electronics, Schneider Electric; Nestle; Regent’s University, London; Singapore Polytechnic; NAFA; Singapore Institute of Technology; The Muslim Coverts Association of Singapore; The Royal Air Force Clinic UK; Wycombe General Hospital UK; Qatar as, Qatar, etc.

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre
07 Oct 2024


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$ 550 (Nett)

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre

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