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– Positively Impress Others by Communicating with More Style, Attitude & Confidence


“Confidence”, what does it mean? Can we explain it, do we know where it comes from, are we aware the benefits it brings, and, how might we be able to develop greater Confidence in our Selves? These are tricky questions, aren’t they?

Yet, when pushed on the topic of Confidence, Sigmund Freud’s daughter Anna once said …

“I was always looking outside for strength & confidence,  but it came from within.  It was there all the time”

That’s the thing; people often look outside for it, but its lurking there, inside our Selves all the time, isn’t it?

It’s important to also appreciate that Confidence signals to Others, how we feel about our Selves. It is an external projection of our internal beliefs; it reflects outwardly how much we trust our Selves deep inside. We can’t conceal it, as our actions reveal it; people see it, feel it, experience it, and, make decisions on those perceptions.

But, though this may seem complex, what if we were able to tease apart the chemistry of Confidence? What if we had the ability to dive down into its core ingredients? And what if we could begin to understand the thoughts & behaviours that make people appear Confident to Others?

If we could, wouldn’t that be a valuable resource to exploit? Yes it would. And in doing so, we’d need to raise our awareness and explore how our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions & behaviours all combine to deliver greater Confidence; there’s  a precious yet powerful eco-system at play!

Finding Confidence can be an enigmatic inner journey. It was once foreshadowed by William Shakespeare in Othello …

“Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners”

We all have the power to get to work in our “gardens”, don’t we? We have the ability to cultivate the inner Confidence we each desire, and importantly, deserve.

This Workshop therefore takes an emotionally intelligent approach to Confidence. Our focus connects psychologies and behaviours, to link our inner thoughts, beliefs & attitudes, to our external choices, actions & behaviours. All of this is eventually expressed by us, and perceived by Others, through our Body Language.

What we feel & think on the inside, predetermines what we portray on the outside. Our Confidence levels are projected to Others, as if in a movie. It’s time to become your own Director, yes?

Workshop Objectives

Our intentions are to bolster your ability to project a more positive, relaxed & confident Self, by mindfully attending to your positive inner most qualities. At the same time, we’ll work on strengthening your external Body Language too. Reflection is key to the inner work explored on this Workshop.

You’ll use the skills & techniques to reflect on, and take control of, relevant levers that link thought to action. You will find that as you attend to “Inner work”, you’ll start to act with much more Confidence.

Emotional intelligence sits well at the heart of this soft skills Workshop, as you move the focus of attention away from externalities and how Others perceive you, inside to the levers that you, and only you, can personally control.

Workshop Outline
  • Linking Confidence to internal beliefs
  • Recognising Confident Body Language
  • Diving into your Confidence eco-system
  • Assessing your inner positive personal qualities
  • Conveying a composed, assertive Self to Others
  • Accepting that mind, body & emotions all connect
  • Engaging Mindsets for confident attitudes & actions
  • Using Body Language to Project more powerful postures
Who Should Attend This Workshop?

This one-day Workshop understands that in today’s world where significant value is placed on impressions, likes, and re-tweets, a person’s desire for harmony & humility can often hold them back in their career. Extraversion seems to be in the ascendency, yet not everyone can be an extrovert, and importantly, no one needs to be one either.

Therefore, if you are a person at any level who wants to project a more positive, relaxed & confident Self to Others, and make a stronger impression that brings impact and respect, then, this Workshop has been designed for you. It will boost your ability to stand on your own two feet and become valued by Others.

  • Love the light-heartedness of the course, and am totally at ease
  • In particular I found the personality test discussions really helpful
  • I better understand my inner self, am more self-aware, and more confident
  • I like this course because it makes me understand more what confidence is all about
  • The activity about sharing our strengths was very helpful practice that helps us speak up
  • I’m more self-aware, and feel more confident and encouraged to apply what I‘ve learnt at work
  • The role-plays force us to come out of our comfort zones, and this leads to inner self-awareness
  • The pace of the course is just right, and the learning resources are interactive and relatable
  • Materials are easy reference which I could share with my 13-year-old boy; Thanks
  • Patrick has been a great trainer; attentive and engaging with all of us-
About The Facilitator

Mr. Patrick O’Brien, CMgr

With a constant appetite for change, Patrick came to realise one very important thing; it’s the People that matter in With a constant appetite for change, Patrick came to realise one very important thing; it’s the People that matter in business, their personal development & growth counts.

His approach to learning is reflected in his facilitation during delivery; it focuses on building & strengthening an individual’s “soft skills”. This leads to Training that’s designed to scaffold on top of three firm foundations.

First, learning needs to be fun for it to stick; enjoyment & engagement are precursors to absorption & adoption. Next, it has to be sufficiently real to be relevant; it needs collaboration, openness, creativity, and, a little intensity. Finally, it must match Participant expectations to be valuable; it has to substantially deliver what it states “on the tin”.

Patrick therefore designs Workshop experiences that masterfully combine Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with a deep Coaching mentality. Both are invitingly interlaced using Improvisational techniques. His diverse background and experience also allow him to facilitate inclusive and valuable learning moments. These are highly engaging, deeply empowering, and, thoroughly enjoyable.

His life’s journey has straddled different countries, continents & cultures, from Ireland and England, to New Zealand and Singapore. He’s worked his way through a variety of roles & levels in the corporate world, from Individual Contributor up to Managing Director. And, he has built considerable business experience whilst working across sectors such as government, technology, manufacturing, finance, consulting, aviation, telecommunications, and the Internet.

His formal education is well rounded: at Honours-level in IT, Masters-level in Marketing, and, an MBA in Finance. He is also a “Master Practitioner” of NLP, and an enthusiastic author with Articles appearing in the local media. In whatever form you experience his work, you’ll always feel his curiously cheerful sense of enjoyment; it just shines through.

Patrick is an active member of many international Professional bodies, such as the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and the Institute of Directors. He is proud to be one of only a small handful of “Chartered Managers” in Asia.

With a warm Irish wit, a love of the “craic” and a big beaming smile, audiences in over twenty-five countries have found his disarmingly, unpretentious, and conversational approach to learning, to be a refreshing & rewarding experience.


The course is very informative and was very well delivered by the lecturer.



The course contents were clear and precise. The instructor was able to keep the class highly motivated and engaged.



From this course it clears up my misconception regarding counseling in terms of the outcome that shouldn’t come from me. I realized my role of counseling people. Thank you for the valuable sharing.



Mr. Praga is very good and thus makes one thinks hard and deep. Thank you.


Singapore Customs

The role-play was helpful. MICA This was a very interactive and engaging workshop. I get to learn a lot.

Singapore Customs

Singapore Customs

Has gained several insights into the topic and has been beneficial with the several coaching model available to work with.

Singapore Customs


Good trainer, enjoyed his course.



A very good course with spiritual enlighten and very pleasing to my soul. Well done! Brilliant lecturer!



Trainer is good who love to share his knowledge and methods.

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre
21 Aug 2024
Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre
26 Nov 2024


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$500 (Nett)

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre

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