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Date09 Jul 2020, Thu
Time9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
VenueMarina Mandarin Singapore Hotel Including Tea breaks and International Gourmet Buffet Lunch at AquaMarine (Halal Certified)
FeeS$ 500 (Nett)
9767 9686 / 6278 9785

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Jul 2020

Anger and Stress Management

- Diffusing Workplace Anger


Why Am I Angry for No Reason?
Can stress make you angry?

Anger can be an incredibly damaging force, costing people their jobs, personal relationships, and even their lives when it gets out of hand. However, since everyone experiences anger, it is important to have constructive approaches to manage it effectively. Stress (positive and negative) is a constant influence on all of our lives. The trick is to maximize the positive stress and to minimize the negative stress.

The Anger & Stress Management workshop will give you a three-option method for addressing any stressful situation, as well as a toolbox of personal skills, including using routines, relaxation techniques, and a stress log system. You will also understand what lifestyle elements you can change to reduce stress. And by establishing healthy communication, you will learn to intelligently express and manage your emotions much more effectively. You will learn how to creatively problem-solve in a positive manner.



Anger – Putting that Powerful Emotion to Good Use

  1. Understand anger dynamics, myths and their factual refutations.
  2. Know techniques in managing anger, particular reading anger warning signs, using coping thoughts and exercising relaxation techniques.
  3. Know tips in identifying the problem.
  4. Express a feeling or position using I-messages.
  5. Identify the best approach to a stressful situation (Alter, Avoid, or Accept).
  6. Understand what lifestyle elements you can change to reduce stress.
  7. Use environmental and physical relaxation techniques.
  8. Use a stress log to identify stressors and create a plan to reduce or eliminate them.



Get Proven Ways to Control and Defuse Rage

  • Module 1: Understanding Anger
    • The Cycle of Anger
    • Understanding Fight or Flight
    • Common Myths about Anger
  • Module 2: Do’s and Don’ts
    • Unhelpful Ways of Dealing with Anger
    • Helpful Ways of Dealing with Anger
  • Module 3: Gaining Control
    • A Word of Warning
    • Using Coping Thoughts
    • Using Relaxation Techniques
    • Blowing Off Some Steam
  • Module 4: Separate the People from the Problem
    • Objective vs. Subjective Language
    • Identifying the Problem
    • Using “I” Messages
  • Module 5: Altering the situation
    • The First A
    • Identifying Appropriate Situations
    • Creating Effective Actions
  • Module 6: Avoiding the situation
    • The Second A
    • Identifying Appropriate Situations
    • Creating Effective Actions
  • Module 7: Accepting the situation
    • The Third A
    • Identifying Appropriate Situations
    • Creating Effective Actions
  • Module 8: Environmental relaxation techniques
    • Finding a Sanctuary
    • Using Music
    • Seeing the Humour
  • Module 9: Physical relaxation techniques
    • Soothing Stretches
    • Deep Breathing
    • Tensing and Relaxing
    • Creating a Stress Log


  • Everyone. Anger & Stress Management is an essential skill for all employees, from management to production workers.
  • This 1 day course is designed for managers and executives who want to learn how to resolve their anger quickly and divert the energy from anger into productive uses



Interactive session with Group Discussions and Presentations.



“The workshop helped me get out of the bad cycle I had. Changing the way (alter, avoid and accept) about myself positively.” ~ Bryan, Assistant Supervisor, CAAS

Learned about dealing with life and better ways to deal with stress and anger. Cope with situations better. Trainer is friendly, approachable and engaging.” ~ Gary, Support Officer, Singapore Polytechnic

“Workshop is practical and realistic in dealing with my anger and stress management. Felt more relieved and confident to face challenges in work and at home. Ivan is engaging and fun.” ~ Tracy, Senior Manager, Workforce Singapore

“Ivan is well-versed and explained clearly and made the workshop lively, engaging and fun. The workshop helped us manage anger better. Learned a lot through the fun role-plays!” ~ Celine, Assistant Manager, MINDEF

“The workshop dealt with my road rage and how to deal with anger behind the wheels. Practical and useful strategies to put in use. Recommend attending!” ~ Steven, Manager, NIE



Ivan Phua

Personal and Organisational Effectiveness Master Trainer and Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst: Ivan Phua

With his easy-going and relational communication styles, Ivan helps build rapport with participants and draws out key learning concepts for effective learning. He is creative, dynamic and he inspires clients to improve their performance by changing their attitudes and developing their skills and knowledge. As a coach, he has conducted numerous Corporate and Public Workshops, Learning Journeys for Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL), coaching sessions, Personality, anger & stress management and consultations. Ivan has held various management roles including Sales and Marketing, Operations and Services in various industries

Ivan has trained staff from different industries on Critical Thinking, Stakeholder Engagement, Leadership and Influence, Appreciative Inquiry, Change Management, Customer Service Excellence, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Anger & Stress Management. His clientele ranges from Corporations, ATOs, CET Centres, F&B, Retail and Service Chains, Education Institutions and others.

Ivan has completed the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) with the Singapore Training & Development Association (STADA), the training division of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). He is a Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant (CBCC) as well as a Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst (CABA) with the Institute of Motivational Living (IML), an authorized provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), USA. Ivan is also Certified as The Leadership Challenge Trainer (TLC), a leadership programme using the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI), a 360-degree leadership behavior assessment, developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, USA. He is also a Certified R3 Factor Trainer from Relationship Help Center, USA.

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