Be a Drone Pilot

drone pilotIn Singapore, Drone flying is regulated by CAAS. This course is intended for someone new to drone piloting. After completing this course, your employees will be able to manoeuvre a Drone confidently and safely. They will know how to capture an aerial footage. We will also teach them how to apply for all the necessary permits to fly the Drone in Singapore.

This course also prepares you for UAPL License with CAAS. However, the UAPL licensing is optional. Trainees need to be prepped for the assessment and there are additional charges for preparing trainees for UAPL licensing with CAAS. After this course, trainee can continue to advance their skills to do Film Production, Land Surveys & Building Surveys and even Security Surveillance.

Course  Objectives

By the end of the course

At the end of the course, Pilots are able to:

  • Fly safely and legally
  • Capture amazing footages
  • Utilize all the amazing functions
  • Maintain drone equipment
  • Handle any emergencies calmly
  • Apply for permits where necessary

Course  Outline

  • drone pilotIntroduction to Drone
  • Principles of Flight
  • Pre-flight/Post-flight checks
  • Basic flight manoeuvres
  • UA Flight Mode and Functions
  • Types of Aerial Effects
  • Aerial Cinematography Techniques
  • Cameral Control and settings
  • Flight Planning and Consideration
  • Meteorology
  • Flight Profile and Executing Flight
  • Emergency handling and Safety
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Application of Permits (UOP & AP)

Target Audience

This course is meant for:

  • Engineers and Architects
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Security Officers
  • Aspiring Drone Pilots
  • Educators
  • Hobbyist/Freelance

After this course, trainee can also continue to advance their skills to do Film Production, Land Surveys & Building Surveys and even Security Surveillance

Course Fees

Full course fees: $1712.00 (inclusive of GST)

Company Sponsored




Singaporean aged from  21-39 


Singaporean Aged >= 40

Singaporean & PR 

Singaporean & PR


Singaporean aged >=40








  • Company sponsored – Absentee Payroll applicable ▪ SME ($7.50/hr) & Non-SME ($4.50/hr) 
  • Self-Sponsored Individuals are able to offset the course fees from their skillsfuture credits
  • Trainees are entitled to the training grant when they meet 75% of the training attendance and pass the requisite assessment.
  • UAPL Preparation & Assessment: $999 (optional)

Course Schedule

Duration: 4 day, 32 hours

Face to Face, classroom mode

3,10, 17 & 24 May 2021, 9am to 6pm @ Jurong East E2I building/ The Grandstand 

22,23,24 & 24 Jun 2021, 9am to 6pm @ Jurong East E2I building/ The Grandstand

If UAPL licensing required: Another 1 day is required for extra training and after that allocate any day for CAAS assessment. UAPL licensing is additionally charged

Delivery Mode

  • Classroom Lessons will be conducted at Devan Nair Institute (Jurong East).
  • Practical Drone Flying Training will be conducted at The Grandstand
  • There will be three 4-hour practical flying sessions using real drones (model DJI Mavic Air 2)
  • The Practical Flying will be conducted and supervised by licensed Professional Airline Pilots.
  • Trainees must be physically fit as there will be quite a fair amount of walking and exposure to the hot sun during the Practical Flying sessions.

For more information/ registration or Group / In-House Training, please contact Jaslyn @ 6278 9785 or email jaslyn@cbsgroup.com.sg

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