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Course Fee: $800

After IBF Subsidy: $80

Virtual Classroom (Zoom)

The problem with transactional sales:

  • You can’t build long term relationship with clients
  • Your clients buy from other consultants behind your back
  • You seldom get referrals
  • You need to find new prospects to get any sales at all

The programme focuses on helping financial advisors to provide value added consultative selling to the clients, build trust and established a long-term business relationship with clients. Various techniques will be presented to assist financial advisors to execute.

What you will learn?

How can you make a transformational change?

Value Added Consultative Selling:

  • Builds trust, loyalty and long-term relationships
  • Uses effective questioning and listening techniques
  • Uncovers hidden client needs & motivation
  • Leads to bigger sales
  • Increases the lifetime value of each client
  • Makes it easy to get referrals
  • The training will be via virtual learning, hands-on assignment and contents building exercise.
Course Objectives

Upon completion of the programme, the FA Representative will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of applying consultative value-added selling
  • Develop long term win-win relationship with client
  • Understand what drives customer loyalty
  • Learn how to create value using 2 simple approaches
  • Identify and study different customer profiles and apply customer-centric
  • selling
  • Improve questioning skills to elicit buying needs and motivations
  • Develop empathy when selling
  • Deliver an effective presentation to customer with clear value proposition
  • Identifying strengths and improve on weaknesses in selling
  • Value added for Consultative Selling / Financial Advisors
  • Learn Effective Questioning and listening skills
  • Uncover clients’ emotional needs ad subconscious motivations
  • Press clients’ hot buttons and get bigger sales
  • Increase the lifetime value of each client
  • Get referrals easily
Course Outline
  • Modern Selling
  • What is consultative value-added selling and benefits of applying it?
  • Elements of trust
  • Build relationship with clients at 5 levels
  • Keys to build customer loyalty
  • Create value to clients using the value-balance machine
  • Identify and understand the 4 types of customers
  • Listening and questioning skills
  • Make an effective sales presentation with clear value proposition
  • Increase lifetime value of customer
  • Asking for referrals
Target Audience
  • For financial services directors and insurance leaders to provide training for the team member to enhance their sale pitch skills and learn effective questioning and listening skills.
  • Value added for Consultative Selling / Financial Advisors to uncover clients’ emotional needs ad subconscious motivations.
  • For financial advisor who wants to learn how to press clients’ hot buttons and get bigger sales, improve their closing skills.
  • For financial planners, financial advisors, and insurance agents to increase the lifetime value of each client, to get referrals easily.


As part of the registration, please request a Letter of Support from your Training Department or Distribution Department. This letter is required as it is an indication of your employment with them as a Representative. This letter is required to ascertain your role in the firm and be an eligible participant under the FTS (Financial Training Scheme)

Course Fees

Course Fees: $800

90% course fee Subsidy from IBF, after IBF Financial Training Scheme (90%), course fees will be: $80

Other supports for this course:

Earn CPD hours: 7.5 hrs

Use your Skills Future Credit

Training Allowance Grant of $10 per hour for company if you registered this course under company sponsored

If you are a company sponsored individual,

  • From a Financial Institution / Fintech Firm

  • Singaporean / PR physically based in Singapore

You can benefit the most from these programmes. Do take this opportunity to upgrade yourself!

Course Schedule

29 October 2021, 9.30am to 6.00pm @ ZOOM

Delivery Mode

This 1-day training will be conducted via live virtual learning @ ZOOM, with hands-on assignment and content building exercise.

About the Trainer
Jacky Lim is a sales innovator, influence coach and keynote speaker who specializes in using consultative value-added sales approach to transform sales performance and improve sales results of organizations.

Over the past 12 years, he has impacted the lives of more than 11,500 business owners, leaders, and sales professionals from across more than 50 organizations. And they include Financial Advisors, MDRT aspirants, Relationship Managers from various organizations such as DBS Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, ING Bank, KGI Securities, AIA, Great Eastern.

He is also a highly sought-after international trainer, having trained many from different parts of the globe like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the US. Having been featured as a guest speaker with popular Singapore media such as 93.8FM, the Straits Times and the Sunday Times, he is also an author of a bestselling book which he published back in 2014.

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