Why Am I Angry for No Reason?
Can stress make you angry?

You feel your heart rate increasing as it pounds harder behind your ribcage. Blood surges to your head and your rational mind gradually becomes disengaged as your thoughts become distorted. Breathing becomes more rapid. You feel the muscle in your arms tensing up. The tension spreads to every other part of your body. You unconsciously roll your fingers into a clenched fist. You don’t realise it at first but your body seems to be saying something. Then, you feel it — every neuron, cell, organ and muscle in your body is yelling at you to fight or take flight.

stressThis is when you feel the insane urge to throw your fist into someone’s face or yell at something because unfortunately, in times of anger rarely do we take flight instead.

Everyone experiences stress and anger in their daily lives. But what happens when they go unmanaged? Excessive stress and anger could lead to detrimental health problems if not properly managed. Without stress or anger management, one’s performance could be severely affected at work.

No one escapes the inevitable emotion of anger and stress. It is more apparent in today’s fast-paced, high stress, a society where there are higher expectations that gives rise to a higher rate of failures. Anger usually occurs due to differing expectations of yours and the rest of the world. It happens because one party failed to meet the expectations of another in a thousand and one possible ways. Regretfully, a punch is thrown or words said in a fit of anger in the corporate world would soil your reputation and could land you in the land of the jobless. Amidst all the stress and pressure, how does one maintain social grace in the face of rising blood pressure and a pounding heart behind that chest?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.” The key is the very essence of survival – Breathing.  Breathing reduces your heart rate and reduces the amount of blood surging to your brains.  Breathing increases the amount of oxygen going to your brain. A properly hydrated and oxygenated brain is a high functioning brain.  You initially disengaged rational comes back into consciousness. You are then better able to control your thoughts and desires. It may still seem utterly tempting to throw your fist at someone but at this stage, you’d know better.

Anyone can become angry. That is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way… that is not easy. — Aristotle

Anger can be an incredibly damaging force, costing people their jobs, personal relationships, and even their lives when it gets out of hand. However, since everyone experiences anger, it is important to have constructive approaches to manage it effectively. Stress (positive and negative) is a constant influence on all of our lives. The trick is to maximize the positive stress and to minimize the negative stress.

angerAt CBS, we offer anger management and stress management courses that inform participants about the significance of stress and anger on one’s mental health but also educate them about how one should manage his stress or anger daily. While coping mechanisms differ from person to person, our CBS trainers will encourage the participants to brainstorm for new ways to manage stress and anger.

Our anger management and stress management courses give our participants a safe space to openly express any deep-seated or anger or stress. These training courses provide an outlet for our participants to vent, let go and emphasize with one another.

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