ICDL Perform Presentation Functions (PowerPoint Fundamentals)

ICDL Perform Presentation Functions (PowerPoint Fundamentals) is a highly funded SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) approved course.

By the end of the training, you would have learned how to create an interesting PowerPoint Slides for Presentation.

The topics include important features that allow you to create slides using WordArt, SmartArt, Insert and Editing Pictures from Screenshot or ClipArt.

You will be able to create and modify Tables and create Charts for presentation.

The slides can be animated and also with interesting transition options.

Course Objectives  

  • Use basic functions to create and manage output of a presentation

  • Use presentation tools to enhance formatting and productivity

  • Use presentation application features to enhance presentation

Upon the completion of this course and passing the assessment, you will be awarded

  • an e-cert of SOA (Statement of Attainment) by SSG

  • a hard copy certificate by ICDL Asia (International Computer Driving License)

These certifications are recognised worldwide.

Course  Outline

Program Fundamentals

  • Understanding the PowerPoint Screen

  • Giving Commands & Command Shortcuts

  • Creating a New Presentation

  • Open, Save, Close a Presentation

Getting Started with Presentations

  • Insert, Delete, Copy & Move Slides

  • Selecting a Layout & Navigating

  • Navigating a Presentation

  • Organizing a Presentation by Section

Inserting and Editing Text

  • Insert, Edit, Move & Copy Text

  • Insert Text in Placeholder

  • Controlling How Text is Moved or Copied

  • Use Paste Options & Paste Special

  • Collecting Multiple Items to Move or Copy

  • Using Undo, Redo and Repeat

  • Checking Spelling, Finding and Replacing Text

  • Inserting Symbols and Special Characters

Formatting Text

  • Change Font Type, Size, Colour & Styles

  • Using WordArt

  • Formatting Paragraphs

  • Working with Tabs and Indents, Bulleted & Numbered Lists

Viewing a Presentation

  • Using Document Themes

  • Changing the Background of a Slide

  • Rearranging Slides

  • Adding Headers and Footers

  • Using the Slide Master & Changing Page Setup

Working with Objects

  • Types of Charts and Objects

  • Insert Clip Art & Screenshots

  • Inserting Pictures and Graphics Files

  • Removing Backgrounds from Pictures & Graphics

  • Insert and Format Shapes

  • Resize, Move, Copy and Delete Objects

  • Applying Special Effects

  • Group, Align and Distribute Objects

  • Flip, Rotate & Layering Objects

  • Insert SmartArt & Working with SmartArt Elements

Working with Tables

  • Create & Working with a Table

  • Adjust, Insert, Delete Column & Row

  • Merging and Splitting Cells

  • Working with Borders and Shading

Working with Charts

  • Inserting a Chart & Chart Data

  • Resizing, Copying and Moving a Chart

  • Changing Chart Type

  • Working with Labels

  • Formatting Chart Elements

Applying Transition and Animation Effects

  • Applying & Modifying a Transition Effect

  • Applying & Modifying Animation Effect

  • Previewing a Transition or Animation Effect

Finalizing and Delivering a Presentation

  • Setting Up a Slide Show

  • Delivering a Presentation on a Computer

Customizing PowerPoint

  • Customizing the Ribbon

  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

  • Changing PowerPoint’s Default Options

Course Fees

Full course fees: $449.40 (inclusive of GST)

Company Sponsored




Singaporean aged from 21-39  


Singaporean aged >= 40

Singaporean & PRs

Singaporean & PRs

Singaporean aged >= 40







  • Company sponsored – Absentee Payroll applicable

    • SME & Non-SME : $4.50 per hour
  • SkillsFuture Credit eligible for Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above.

  • Trainees are entitled to the training grant when they meet 75% of the training attendance and pass the requisite assessment.

Course Schedule

Course Duration: 2 days, 16 hours

Face to Face, classroom mode

  • 1 & 2 Sep, 9.00am to 6.00pm @ Mountbatten Square, Singapore
  • 20 & 21 Oct, 9.00am to 6,00pm @ JTC Summit, Singapore


    Delivery Mode

    This 2-day practical oriented course will be delivered via face-to-face, classroom mode and computers are provided.

    For more information/ registration or Group / In-House Training, please contact Jaslyn @ 6278 9785 or email jaslyn@cbsgroup.com.sg

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