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Date11 Dec 2019, Wed
Time9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
VenueRoyal Plaza on Scotts Singapore Hotel Including Tea breaks and International Gourmet Buffet Lunch at Award winning Carousel Restaurant (Halal Certified)
FeeS$ 500 (Nett)
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Dec 2019

Writing Effective Responses To Complaints In The Public Sector

- A good response should be factual, frank, timely and balanced.

It is unrealistic to think we can avoid complaints. Rather, we should welcome complaints, review existing gaps in systems, and learn how to explain our policies, objectives and service better.

Being able to effectively respond to complaints can reduce costs, increase efficiency and maintain your organisation’s reputation. To ensure your organisation can effectively handle grievances from the first response, staff must understand how to proficiently write credible, succinct and comprehensible responses to complaints.


  • Comprehend the importance of listening and responding well to customers
  • Learn to better engage customers by adapting the style of writing that reflects understanding of customers’ expectations and needs
  • Evaluate the importance of showing empathy in each correspondence that focuses on customers
  • Demonstrate the ability to write clearly with diplomacy to get a sensitive message across
  • Enhance the corporate image of your organization with professionally structured writing


Demonstrating an understanding of the reason for complaint

  • Creating a visual precis for an overview of the feedback
  • Understanding what caused them to complain
  • Clarifying gaps in the feedback (if any)
  • Identifying the complainant’s emotional state to pitch response accordingly
  • Recognising the customer’s ideal resolution

Providing a good quality response

  • Respecting complainant’s reason for complaint
  • Presenting factual and accurate responses
  • Explaining clearly the steps that have been taken to investigate the complaint (if appropriate)
  • Being prepared to offer a straightforward apology if warranted
  • Providing details of steps taken to remedy the situation or prevent the concern from recurring (if possible)
  • Taking personal responsibility for problems until they are fully resolved
  • Checking your policies, procedures, standing instructions, latest bulletins, etc relating to service delivery levels and complaints resolution before responding
  • Being careful about accepting liability if you have no guideline or policy enabling you to do so

Applying emphatic tools

  • The ‘’You” Attitude
  • Chain reasoning
  • Providing a way forward: Positive statements and actions
  • Avoid the blaming game
  • Focusing on issues and solutions instead of personality

Editing and proofreading

  • Avoiding “government speak” or jargon in response
  • Using an appropriate tone: Reviewing draft written reply from the perspective of the complainant
  • Applying considerate, cooperative and complimentary tones
  • Conciseness for easy comprehension
  • Paragraphing: Coherently addressing all relevant points in the complaint case
  • The 12 English Tenses


This course is designed for executives, administrative officers and managers who need to respond and connect with their customers as well as those who want to maintain their customer loyalty through the way they write.


This interactive workshop incorporates responding to complaints via email and integrates case studies from different public sectors.



“My one key take-away from this workshop is that before creating a draft, I need to first put myself in the complainant’s shoes to understand the situation from their perspectives. I learnt that this will improve the quality of my written and spoken responses and is more likely to result in a satisfactory outcome for both me and the complainant.”
~ Alex Wong, People’s Association

“The trainer advocated important tools on empathy and tact throughout the workshop: When handling grievances, we must always remind ourselves to think in the position of the complainant, listen patiently, analyse information given carefully and be neither arrogant nor overmodest. A powerful message! Thanks Sandra Daniel!”
~ Catherine Yeo, Singapore Institute of Technology


Meet the Communication Strategist: Sandra Daniel

Sandra Daniel, a training consultant, has been assisting and guiding various statutory boards, government-based organisations and private enterprises in recognizing opportunities to function proficiently in competitive environments. Her advisory expertise and trainings cover areas such as oral and spoken communication, performance appraisals, critical and creative thinking, persuasion and influence with an emphasis on emotional intelligence and behavioural psychology.

Sandra has been providing a platform for industries to operate within various effective frameworks to drive performance. This capacity has allowed to stay relevant on issues to cultivate specific skills and knowledge relating to promoting employee development. Armed with this real-world experiences her public seminars has attracted participants from various industries such as Changi Airport Group, DBS, Marina Bay Sands, Illumina Pte Ltd, HSBC, CapitaLand, Singapore Airlines and Citibank. Well known as someone dedicated to providing measurable and sustainable value to her trainings, she has a profound ability to bring the best out of her participants by revolving her workshops around practicality and simplicity.

Apart from this, Sandra has collaborated in a tripartite partnership involving Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore Institute of Technology and University of Liverpool in designing, developing and lecturing Thinking Strategies and Written Communication. She is also a sessional lecturer with Singapore University of Social Sciences in Negotiation and Relationship Management.

Sandra regularly contribute articles on management, communication and learning skills to Straits Times Recruit. To date, Sandra has authored and co-authored several books namely, How to Think Critically with Sun Tzu Art of War Stratagems, Impactful Academic Writing, Extremely Busy People’s Guide to Read Faster and Memorize Better and Think Clearer.

Sandra Daniel’s qualifications include:

  • Master of Science in Training and Human Resource Management (University of Leicester)
  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (IAL)
  • Associate adult educator (IAL)
  • International Certificate in Emotional Skills and Competencies (Paul Eckman International)
  • Innovating Through Design Thinking: The Advanced Applications (SMU)
  • Lean Six Sigma Certified (SMU)
  • Certified SCRUM Master (NUS)
  • Licensed Master Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner (American Board of NLP©)
  • NLP Licensed Coach Practitioner (American Board of NLP©)
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Certified Facilitator (Rasmussen Consulting International)
  • International Certificate in Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (Paul Eckman International)
  • Silva Life System Certification®

10 Years of successful track records

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deep and sustained impact has been greatly fulfilling. We have trained over 26,000 learners to date.

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