The Assertive Edge: Confidence-Building Strategies for Success

While you may have the competence, skills, and desire to succeed on the job, you may not get the recognition, compensation, and opportunities you deserve. Having technical and people skills is not enough to get ahead – the rewards go to those who are confident and assertive. Think about it – how many senior people in your organization are not confident and assertive? Probably very few, if any.

Confidence and assertiveness are essential traits for supervisors, managers, and leaders. Confident people are comfortable dealing with bosses and colleagues at all levels of the organization. They recognize their value and are able to contribute without holding back. Assertive people are able to ask for what they want and need, and can say “no” to others to protect their interests. They can offer feedback and speak their mind in a variety of situations without offending others. You can boost your self-esteem, develop more confidence, and learn assertive language patterns, behaviors, and skills that will improve the quality of your relationships and career prospects.

A practical and interactive workshop for anyone who is competent at his or her work, but needs to develop confidence and assertiveness to advance to the next level.

Course Objectives
  • Understand the importance of assertiveness on and off the job
  • Enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Distinguish passive, assertive, and aggressive personality types
  • Learn assertive language patterns
  • Recognize passive, assertive, and aggressive body language andbehaviors
  • Learn how to ask with confidence
  • Learn to say “No” without causing offense
  • Plan and conduct difficult conversations
  • Project confidence to people you meet
  • Converse with others confidently
  • Learn to speak up whenever you feel the need
Course Outline

1. Developing Self-Esteem and Confidence
• Improving Your Self-Esteem
• Becoming More Confident
• I Feel / They See

2. The Assertiveness Spectrum
• Distinguishing Assertive, Passive, and Aggressive Personalities
• The Assertive Voice
• Assertive Body Language
• The Assertive Person’s Bill of Rights and Obligations

3. Developing Assertive Behaviors
• How to Ask
• How to Say “NO”
• A Three-Step Formula for Delivering Assertive Messages

Who Should Attend

This workshop is suitable for anyone, but is especially useful for managers, supervisors, sales professionals, business development executives, lawyers, accounting and financial professionals, engineers and IT professionals, entrepreneurs, front line and customer service staff, and administrative staff.

Training Methodology

This highly engaging and practical workshop will utilise a series of presentation and discussion, case studies, as well as a variety of mixed-medias to ensure deep and impactful learning.


“Thank you for the wonderful session on Assertiveness Skills for the Workplace. 🙂 It was certainly engaging and useful. I had some fruitful takeaways and will be more mindful and put some into practice at the appropriate contexts.” – Rosie Sim, Specialist, Nanyang Polytechnic

“The trainer was very passionate about the subject, well informed, and was able to keep me well engaged. All activities were interesting.” – Gauri Nautiyal, NPS
International School

“The trainer is very friendly and conducted the whole session in a manner most easily understandable. Also the material is very useful in day to day work (practical). Thanks.” – Mitu Singh, NPS International School

“David is an engaging speaker, makes the class very interesting and encourages participation from everyone. ☺” – Ho Qi Mei, Pedro Group / Pedro International

“Thank you David! Nice meeting you and you’ve certainly made a difference in my day and life! All the best!” – Low Fei Kuen, JTC

“Trainer was very knowledgeable and I was able to gain insights on my own behaviours. It has given me an idea how to improve myself. Thanks David!” – Melissa Tan, Manager, MOM

“A very inspiring and engaging trainer!! I enjoyed attending this course. I have learnt great tips. I am going to apply assertiveness skills back in the office and home. Thanks very much David Goldwich!” – Eunice Tan Lee Hiang, CSO, MCI

“I enjoyed David’s course as he is approachable and friendly. Lesson is also easy to understand.” – Gan Siew Ee, Senior Manager, GSK Global

“Well done David! I am definitely taking away the essential information on assertiveness skills and how to say no nicely to my stakeholders.” – Vimala Ramasamy, Employer Servicing Consultant, WDA

“David is very clear in conveying his ideas. I am able to understand him and benefit from the course. David is definitely one of the best trainers around. I am very impressed.” – Lee, Project Engineer

“I think David has done a good job instilling confidence and a certain level of high esteem in me. He encourages participation from everyone which in turn reinforces my understanding of the points and principles which he intends to convey. Good work David!” – Denis, Instrumentation Engineer

“David taught me a lot about assertiveness in this course through his presentations, practice, and the materials. These techniques will surely help me to be assertive in the workplace and in my personal life as well.” – Willy, Process Engineer


David Goldwich is a “reformed” lawyer who is committed to helping people get what they want by teaching them how to play the negotiation game and be assertive, compelling, persuasive communicators. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, USA, David has been living in Singapore and working throughout Asia since 1999.

David has MBA and JD degrees from accredited and respected bricks-and-mortar universities. He practiced law in the United States for more than ten years, arguing before judges and political, government, and community bodies. He knows how to persuade the toughest audiences. David is trained as a mediator and has managed small businesses as well.

Recognizing that lawyers perpetuate rather than solve problems, David began lecturing and training in 1995. He has taught at the tertiary level in the USA and in Singapore. As a trainer, David applies the “80/20 Rule” by identifying the few critical tools necessary for the greatest improvement and presenting them in a form that is easy to learn and simple to use. An engaging and award-winning speaker, David uses humor and stories culled from his own experience as a lawyer, businessman, and father to help people reach breakthrough changes in their personal and professional lives. David is the author of four books and numerous articles in his field of expertise.

Some of David’s recent projects in the region include Allianz Insurance Management Asia Pacific, American Express, Citibank, Caterpillar, Siemens, Singapore Technologies, Panalpina World Transport, BP, Shell, Petronas, Singapore Refining Company, Deutsche Bank, Amtek Engineering, BHP Billiton, Carl Zeiss, Cold Storage, Mitsui Chemicals, Chevron Phillips Chemicals, General Mills, Boston Scientific, Republic of Singapore Navy, Land Transport Authority, IRAS and Ministry of Foreign Affairs


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$ 500 (Nett)

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