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Date26 Mar 2019, Tue
Time9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
VenueRoyal Plaza on Scotts Singapore Hotel Including Tea breaks and International Gourmet Buffet Lunch at Award winning Carousel Restaurant (Halal Certified)
FeeS$ 500 (Nett)
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The Psychology of Negotiating Expectations

- Succeed in Negotiating Expectations by Understanding Motivations


Negotiating isn’t just an event that takes place in conference rooms with powerful forces aligned on either side of a table. You have to go through informal negotiations every day, with your boss, your coworkers, suppliers, clients and even family members. People have expectations, and in most of the cases different expectations than yours. Learn how to negotiate expectations is one of the fundamental skill in order to live healthy relationships, solve problems without stress and conflicts, and make good deals. In most negotiations, the parties are influenced by their assumptions about what they think are the alternatives to a negotiated agreement. Often the parties have an unrealistic idea of what these alternatives are, and they are unwilling to make concessions because they think they can do just as well without negotiating.

Most negotiations are not as efficient or as successful as they might be because people tend to argue about positions rather than interests. What can we get out of the negotiation that will further our interests? That is the question that should guide a negotiation toward achieving mutual gain. Another important note is that any negotiation will be more productive if you are able to focus on problems and not personalities, however you have to be aware that the other parties in the negotiation may not take this approach. Recognizing and controlling emotions is an exential aspect for mastering effective communication, a major pillar in the psychology of negotiating expectations.

This workshop is not a typical workshop about negotiation that teaches sales people how to succesfully close a deal. It principaly aims to help participants to acquire a clear understanding of the psychology of negotiating expectations in every aspect of daily life. At the same time, equipped them with simple, yet effective tools of effective communication and persuasion in order to achieve desired results for personal benefit and for the benefits of the company they are working for.



Module one: Personal, Psychological Preparation

  • Introducing the psychology of negotiation:
    – Information-processing barriers.
    – Deep motivation & thinking principle.
    – The emotional negotiator.
  • Listening, questioning & body-language allignment

Group discussion and an hands-on exercise to practice the theory

Module two: The psychology of constructive influencing during negotiation

  • The powerful and effective communication in negotiation:
    – Safe-Language.
    – Co-operative language.
    – Assertive-non offensive language.
  • Testing the process of negotiation: The 3 components of persuasion.

Group discussion and an hands-on exercise to practice the theory



In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • The psychology of negotiation.
  • How effective listening can positively impact results during negotiation.
  • How much we an influence others during the negotiation process by applying simple tools of effective conversation.
  • The importance of emotional-ability. Some ways of communication increase friction and anger during negotiation; other ways tend to cause people to work with us, and not against us.
  • That people may have different ways of representing things, and that the most powerful tools in dealing with one-another in order to find a satisfying solution is to master the art of negotiating expectations in every aspect of our life, at work and at home.
  • How to apply the process of negotiation with effective tools of persuasion.

After this workshop, participants will be able to apply:

  • Essential verbal and non verbal communication tools which facilitate the process of negotiating expectations.
  • The basic psychological skills in the art of negotiating differences with others in order to reach a desired outcome.
  • A more confident self when dealing with others.


Theoretical Presentation, Case Studies, Discussions, and Hands-on Exercises



HR Managers, Senior Executives, Managers, Teachers, Lecturers, Entrapreneurs and whoever has an interest in the psychology of everyday negotiation at work and at home.



MSocSc (Counselling)
NLP Master Practitioner

Leonardo is an energetic Training Facilitator, Relationships Counsellor & Personal Coach whose sense of humour together with his relaxed and confident style can be of real inspiration to his clients and audiences.

In the corporate environment he is an expert in the area of ‘Communication-Relationships at Work’ & ‘Emotional Competence’. He brings to his clients his creativity and experience in the business world, blended with the wisdom and experience gained through his own life challenges and his several studies in the area of human development.
By combining his knowledge in Psychology, Counselling and NLP coaching techniques, together with his long term business experience in the corporate world, Leonardo has the capacity to help people, business executives and companies to create solutions to today’s challenges of retention, recruitment, work-life balance, stress, relationship conflict and burnout. Leonardo’s passion is to promote cultures where individuals thrive to be efficient and productive, while taking care of their health and wellbeing.

Leonardo has twenty years of professional experience as a senior executive in the corporate business. A native Italian, he has lived in Singapore since 1995, and traveled extensively for business in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Europe. Through his international exposure, he has developed a deep understanding of several cultures, becoming a real expert in multiculturalism.

Leonardo has trained people from:

NUS – National University of Singapore;
The Esplanade;
RC Hotels Pte Ltd;
SMU – Singapore Management University;
EMA (Energy-Market-Authority) Singapore;
Nanyang Polytechnic;
Quintiles East Asia Pte Ltd;
Sanofi-Aventis Singapore Pte Ltd;
Singapore Prison Service;
Seagate Technology International;
Apple Computer Singapore;
Bovis Lend Lease Asia;
National Heritage Board;
Republic Polytechnic;
McGraw-Hill Education (Asia);
Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd;
DSO National Laboratories;
Keppel FELS Ltd;
Visentic Solutions Pte Ltd;
Caterpillar Asia;
Cosmos Chemical (S) Co Pte Ltd – Singapore;
JTC Corporation Singapore;
Mitsui & Co. (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd;
DHL In-House Consulting;
OUB Bank;
Reuters Singapore;
Rider Levett Bucknall – Singapore;
Siemens Medical Instruments;
Philip Morris Singapore Pte Ltd;
SMRT Taxi;
SIM – Singapore Institute of Management; Singapore Customs;
DMG Singapore;
DBS Bank;
Total Oil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd;
Zuellig Pharma Singapore;
Lantiq Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.;
SingTel – Singapore

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