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Date27 Oct 2017, Fri
Time9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
VenueRoyal Plaza on Scotts Singapore Hotel Including Tea breaks and International Gourmet Buffet Lunch at Award winning Carousel Restaurant (Halal Certified)
FeeS$ 500 (Nett)
S$ 300 (After PIC Grant of 40%)
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Own The Stage

- How to deliver powerful presentations, command the room as a speaker and captivate the audience


Let’s face it, as corporate executives we have all had our awkward moments doing pitches and presentations. Often times, what comes across in the room isn’t what we intended. Stage fright, weak content and non-compelling stories, poor delivery and timing are some of the signs of presentations gone horribly wrong.

Now, there’s a comprehensive course to fix all that and more! Learn the fine art of owning the stage, hitting on all the notes and moving from just delivering content to really telling a compelling story with a powerful presence. Become a power speaker who leaves a lasting impression on your audience with the ability to convey ideas and thoughts clearly and someone who will ‘own the stage.’

From content to presenting a captivating story, this course walks participants though the essential steps to building that perfect presentation and delivering it like a pro. It teaches how to engage the audience and communicate the essence of what is important and what will resonate with them. It covers stage presence and how to effectively work the room.

This is a highly interactive course with hands on presenting and video playback and analysis.


  1. Understand the essentials to crafting a powerful content deck
  2. Learn how to create a compelling and authentic story with your content that resonates emotionally with your audience
  3. Learn how to build your stage presence, how to engage the room and vary your pace and rhythm
  4. How to design a memorable talk that people remember long after it’s over

After the course participants will have a clear understanding of how to create and articulate a compelling presentation. They will learn the techniques, tips and tricks to develop stage presence and talk to the whole room. Participants will also learn how to create a presentation journey and tell authentic stories that engage the audience beyond the slide content. Participants will be able to influence and convince the audience about their ideas with confidence and clarity. They will learn to become powerful speakers and communicators that people want to listen to and not have to listen to.


  • Understand what construes the perfect presentation
  • Understanding stage presence and how to build this
  • Learn the difference between telling and selling your brand story
  • How not to read off your slides and go beyond the content
  • How to engage and speak to everyone in the room
  • How to reinforce your key message
  • How to vary your pace for emphasis and adjust timing for effective mood change
  • Learn techniques to effectively use visual imagery and body language



Business leaders, Department heads, Marketing leads and Marcom executives who are interested in polishing their presentation and delivery skills. Business owners and founders who will be pitching their business to investors.



Laptop is required as there will be presentation exercises. Also, bring an open mind and be present for an amazing day of fun and great learning that will transform you into great presenters and speakers. Note that there will be video filming and playback with analysis for this workshop.


Ashok showed us how our customers wish to be engaged as well as identifying where exactly we can build more opportunities to connect with them

My colleagues and I were blown away by the insights that Ashok offered

The best part were the anecdotes and the examples, great takeaways for my customer journey design

Ashok is a great storyteller and passionate and inspiring speaker

The course was a real eye opener for me

Ashok is a creative genius. He preaches the modern art of marketing which is constantly updated and relevant.

Ashok is very animated and brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm into his session

Ashok brings an outstanding energy and is infectiously passionate about his projects. His impressive depth of knowledge and the remarkable stories he always has to tell about consumer behavior and creative branding strategies are packed with fresh ideas and inspiration.

Ashok sparked a rethink of our strategy and approach.

Deep behavioural insights along with lots of implementation tips

Ashok delivered the training very insightfully with many relevant case studies

Ashok combines knowledge, experience, delivery, and most importantly passion and absolute belief in what he’s talking about


Ashok Miranda: Business Transformation Architect

Ashok is a Business Transformation Architect. As a Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Coach, he helps businesses transform to reach their full potential and navigate today’s complex and challenging environment.

He has deep corporate brand building experience and has built strong brands across Asia for leading multi-national media companies; Walt Disney Television Asia and Sony Pictures.

Ashok has won 43 international and regional awards for creative and marketing excellence.
He has created several proprietary products and processes for startups and SME’s encompassing branding, digital inbound marketing, company culture and customer experience.

Ashok is a thought leader and speaks regularly at Industry events, conferences and seminars and at educational institution events at NUS, SMU and SIM and at the Singapore Chambers of Commerce.

Ashok is passionate about “Reciprocity Marketing” a term he created for the new age of marketing. He strongly believes that marketers need to adapt to this new reality and move from “HYPE’ to ‘HELP’ based marketing to really connect with today’s savvy and smart customers.

His vast global experience, engaging style, highly relevant content and compelling storytelling ability, makes him an exceptional and unique trainer. His training sessions impart immense value to the participants and deliver a novel learning experience they never forget.

10 Years of successful track records

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deep and sustained impact has been greatly fulfilling. We have trained over 26,000 learners to date.

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