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Date15 - 16 Sep 2016, Thu - Fri
Time9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
VenueConcorde Hotel Function Room (f.k.a Le Meridien Hotel) Orchard Road
FeeS$ 800 (Nett)
S$ 480 (After 40% PIC Cash)
9767 9686 / 6278 9785

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Sep 2016

Master Class in Anti-Terrorism: Challenge of the Minimalist Terrorist- Dealing with the invisible adversary


Terrorism today is not all about big events, large scale attacks, mass casualties, and extensive damage to state, society and normal lives. It is also about relatively low scale planning involving few individuals, with minimum possible preparations, weapons and strategy to send the message of defiance, which may or may not paralyze normal lives, but leaves an enduring impact on the society, personal sense of safety, politics and economy. It is about maintaining anonymity in today’s complex urban environment, till the attack is executed. In a way, terrorists remain amid the law abiding citizens- invisible and inconspicuous- defying the abilities of the state and its agencies to identify and neutralise them.



Participants will learn how terrorism is taking a new shape:

  • by knowing the changing character of terrorism and the reasons for such changes
  • What lies in the minds of a terrorist as he/she prepares to carry out the attack
  • why we fail to identify terrorists before the attack occurs
  • why deaths/ damages in terrorism is more significant than for example in accidents, which probably kills more people everyday
  • Is the lack of awareness about terrorism inhibiting an effective response
  • why is one man’s terrorist another man’s freedom fighter
  • can we fight this threat together
  • what is the role of a common man in fighting terror


  • History and changing character of terrorism
  • Reasons for the subtle change in the nature of terrorism
  • Methods and strategies adopted to key terrorist to maintain low profile
  • Impact of worldwide terrorist movements on minds of individuals
  • Impact of online radicalisation
  • Events and episodes of minimalist terrorist attacks in the world and Southeast Asian countries
  • Experiences of countries to deal with this evolving threat


A highly interactive training programme with audio visual aids, plenty of case studies, and event narrations.



This two-day course is specially designed for professionals from:

  • Government institutions who are policy makers;
  • Police, Military, Customs and Immigration industries;
  • Emergency Services and Public Transport industries;
  • Airport and Airline Security;
  • Coastguards, Maritime and Shipping;
  • Private Security Companies and Contingency Planners;
  • Hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, transportation systems, etc who are security officers;
  • Both in State and private sectors seeking the expertise to understand and confront the rapidly evolving milieu of global terror networks.



“This course was excellent and the information within the topics exceeded my expectations. Dr Routray’s thorough knowledge of the topics within the course only shows his mastery of what he teaches in the classroom.”
– Ministry of Defence

“Dr Routray has wide knowledge and able to answer the questions asked during the class by students.”
– Ministry of Manpower

“I thought this course was very well done. The handouts were great and the topics very relevant and up to date with what is currently going on. This is definitely a “must take” course for anyone dealing with physical security/anti-terrorism matters.”
– Sentosa Development Corporation

“This is a really good course and it provides a lot of very useful information about anti-terrorism issues. I would recommend it to others because it is very educational.”
– Beth-El Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“This course was an excellent explanation of the dynamics of the minimalist terrorist attacks and the response to the same.”
– Jurong Town Council



Dr. Bibhu Prasad Routray

Dr. Bibhu Prasad Routray served as a Deputy Director in India’s National Security Council Secretariat. He is a counter-terrorism analyst by profession and has a decade long experience in living in conflict prone areas and carrying out research on terrorist movements in South Asia. As a terrorism specialist he has conducted several training modules for security forces, government officials, diplomatic staff, media personnel and academicians. He writes on the web and several newspapers (print as well as electronic). Some of Dr. Routray’s writings especially one on the Norway attacks was published in The Straits Times recently. Between November 2010 and March 2011, Dr. Routray was associated with the RSIS where he did a project on India’s Counter-Terrorism Architecture after the Mumbai attacks. Currently, he is affiliated with the think tank of the Indian Army as a Visiting Fellow and finishing a book project on the Maoist Movement in India.

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