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Date04 Mar 2020, Wed
Time9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
VenueRoyal Plaza on Scotts Singapore Hotel Including Tea breaks and International Gourmet Buffet Lunch at Award winning Carousel Restaurant (Halal Certified)
FeeS$ 500 (Nett)
9767 9686 / 6278 9785

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Mar 2020

Managing Anger and Stress with Neuroscience

- Rewire your Brain from Anger to Peace

Do you find yourself:

  • Becoming so angry that is disrupting your ability to think clearly?
  • Acting aggressively during angry outbursts?
  • Getting so angry that you feel out of control of your behaviour?
  • Trying hard to stay cool when dealing with an aggressive customer or colleague?

Have you ever wonder what happens to our brain when we get angry and how we can use the cognitive neuroscience of anger to better manage our emotions?

Anger is often considered to be a response to a perceived threat to oneself or to another. It is also a response to frustration; frustration has long been recognized as a trigger for anger and eventual reactive aggression. ANGER can create disruption to your work, strain your personal relationships, and even damage your health. Rage and anger can even jeopardise our career or got us into trouble with the law. Our brain has been hard wired to response to threats and situation with anger and rage or to suffer in silence. The good news is we can retrain and rewire our brain to respond differently.

High stress level in our fast-paced life has make us more quick tempered. There is so much that needs to be done and so little time. As such, we can get triggered more easily and experience reactive aggression. By understanding how to manage your stress level from a brain-based perspective, you will learn to be more relaxed, calm and yet do more with less effort.

In this 1 day interactive workshop, participants will learn how to manage anger and stress effortlessly by understanding how our brain works. You will walk away with a toolkit of different brain based techniques for you to manage anger and stress in daily life. Yes, it is possible to rewire and train our brain to stay cool under pressure and trigger.


Learn how to Get in Control of Your Behaviors and Emotions!

  • Insight into our physical brain when we are stress or angry
  • Understand your own emotions and hot buttons
  • The Anger Cycle
  • Effortless Strategies to deal with Angry People
  • Brain Based Angry and Stress Management Toolkit
    – Reappraisal
    – Conscious Breathing
    – Labelling
    – De-Escalation Techniques
    – Humour
    – Forgiveness
    – Relaxation technique


  • Everyone. Anger & Stress Management is an essential skill for all employees, from management to production workers.
  • This 1 day course is designed for managers and executives who want to learn how to resolve their anger quickly and divert the energy from anger into productive uses


Experiential learning using neuroscience and cognitive behavioural therapy. There will be activities, group discussion and practical exercises.


Angie as a trainer is friendly, fun and listen to what are the problems we face in daily life. A lot of interaction which pull everyone together like we have been together for years.
~ Alex

By understanding what happens to my brain, I am now able to better control my emotions. My wife said I am a changed man and more calm. Thank you Angie for showing me how to manage my anger.
~ SC Ong

My life, before knowing you was insecure, miserable and unhappy. Yet I don’t know what is the cause. I did not realize the disempowering perspective/belief within me. You have guided me and allowed me to know myself and love myself. This improved my self-esteem. I have always thought that changes must come from others first and not myself, not true, it should start from me. My family and people around also feel good with my change.
~ Billy

Angie is the best trainer I ever had! I had improved and met my goal for the course which is to improve by 10%!
~ Din

Awesome training. Especially the trainer. Something new I have learnt.
~ Lee

Angie was fab- entertaining and engaging from start to finish!
~ Norma

Angie, I want to thank you for introducing the importance of breathing. I will keep reminding myself to be conscious of my breath.
~ TT

Very effective training, both on working and personal levels.
~ Cheryl

Angie is a person of intelligence, integrity and strong values, who would give 100% to anything she put her mind to. She was always an exceptional team member, and more importantly, an exceptional human being.
~ David Rock, Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Group

I would highly recommend working with Angie. Not only because of her integrity, caring attitude and practical suggestions but also because she sparks a transformation in you. She is warm, generous and extremely kind yet fierce when it comes to her work process. She has helped me shed my old skin with grace and humility.
~ Bindiya Aravandekar

Angie is like a Duracell Battery, she never stops! She is energetic, committed and loves a challenge. I worked with Angie when I was in Singapore and appreciated her focus, tenacity and her commitment to excellence!
~ Michael Bradford, Intuitive Business Success Strategist



Angie Toh
Peak Performance Coach

Angie Toh is a Peak performance Coach and a member of International Coach Federation (ICF) with over 20 years of experience who will share enlightening stories and case studies that demonstrates how you can conquer negativity and inspire others to adopt a positive attitude through training and private coaching.

Angie’s last corporate role was with a global leadership and coaching organization as the Director of Coach Certification. She was heading the coaching division for the organization in Asia as well as leading a team of sales staff globally. She decided to leave the corporate world to focus on her passion for training and coaching full time in 2012. Angie’s passion is to help busy professionals and business owners to succeed at their own terms and achieve breakthrough in their personal and professional life. Her mission in life is to facilitate and help others to gain insight into their true potential, to expand their awareness of who they could become as a person and live a purposeful and successful life.

Angie has also appears on Channel News Asia sharing on the power of breath and overcoming anger, stress & negativity at work. Her extensive list of corporate clientele includes Mindchamps Holdings, Parkway Cancer Centre, Franklin Covey India, Citibank, Bellydance Discovery and Ministry of Education.

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