Essential Managerial Skills to Be an Effective Team Leader

Improving the skills of the Leader/Manager has always been considered essential by successful executives because of the immediate impact on team/employee productivity. It can be costly if a Leader/Manager fails. Learning managerial and leadership skills is so transferable you can use in any industry and at any stage of your career.

This workshop explores key components to enhance their leadership roles and responsibilities and manage the team. In short, you will get to experience a 360-degree perspective on what it takes to be an impactful team leader.

Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
The Roles and Responsibilities of Leader/Manager The Leader/Manage is perhaps one of the most underestimated people in an organisation. The position is one, which demands a wide range of managerial skills – communication, leadership, delegation, time management, and motivation, to name but a few.

  • Setting Objectives & Ice Breaker
  • Insights to Roles and Responsibilities of Leader/Manager
  • Traits & Behaviors of Striving Leaders
  • Working Style – Self Assessment

An Introduction to Leadership


A Manager to lead. This module is an introduction to leadership skills and the first of three in this pack. It begins to establish the skills needed to function as a leader.

  • Building Resilience
  • Mental Perspectives – Unleash & Liberate
  • The Fish Philosophy
 Communication Skills One of the most important skills of any team leader is the ability to communicate. To be a good communicator requires skills.

  • The perception of Communication
  • The 3 Vs -Are you doing it right?
  • Why Communication becomes exhaustive/fails
  • Are You delegating right?
  • The Framework of Delegation – When, How and Who
  • Feedback Vs Advise
  • The Feedback Model
  • Whale Done Theory
 The Task and The team The role leader can be broken down into two major elements: the TASK and the TEAM. This module encourages delegates to think of themselves, and their roles, in terms of their commitment to these two factors. The balance of one against the other is represented in the form of graph- a weakness in either area will have a detrimental effect on the performance of the leader.

  • Understanding T.E.A.M.
  • Why do people become difficult
  • Motivate & Empower for positive impact
  • Exploring energizers and drainers of people
Styles of Leadership The Manager will need to be able to use a range of leadership skills to operate effectively. One area to be aware of is their style of leadership, and that a variety of styles can be utilised to meet particular needs and specific situations.

  • Leadership styles to Adopt & Adapt
  • Q & A – Action Mapping
Training Methodology

This course is structured using spiral learning and social learning methodologies, and embedded with case studies, facilitation, games, role play, and experiential learning systems.

Who Should Attend

Corporate leaders, managers, professionals, executives, supervisors, and anyone with a leadership and management function, and people who want to

  • Learn a lifelong skill
  • Become an effective leader and manager
  • Demonstrate leadership skills
  • Enhance performance in the workplace
  • Form positive impressions in the workplace
About The Trainer

CBS Master Trainer – Mr. Praga – Leadership Coach

Certified SCRUM Master®

Certified SCRUM Product Owner®

Certified AGILE Leader- Essentials®

Certified AGILE Leader- Teams®

Certified Master Trainer in Psychotherapy™

Certified EQ Practitioner™

Certified NLP Master Practitioner ™

Certified Master Life Coach ™

Certified Behavior Management Specialist™

Certified Trainer in Applied Counselling ™

Certified Stress Management Trainer™

Certified Psychometric Trainer™

Certified ACTA Trainer & Assessor

Praga is a highly interactive and engaging international trainer, whose work is mainly based on research and applied knowledge from extensive experiences in bench-marking organizations’ best practices. As a dynamic  =training & development leader with more than 2 decades of experience, his training uniqueness comes from his Accelerated Training Approach which is built on Learning Design Re-patterning Model™ known by many to be empowering, refreshing and filled with success formulas.

Praga is the co-founder of Accelerated Training Approach™ built on Learning Design Re-Patterning Model and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Therapies Management (London). As Certified Behavior

Management Specialist and a fellow member he is the only Singaporean to be certified as a Master Trainer with the Institute Therapist Management of London researching Human Behaviour. He is also a Certified Agile-Scrum Master & Product Owner and Certified Agile Leader for Teams & Essentials (SCRUM Alliance). Praga is also a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Life Coach (ABNLP) and Certified EQ Practitioner (CTAA).

Previously, Praga worked as an IT program consultant by delivering program seminars to industrial leaders where he was also recognized and awarded the best sales performer for continuously achieving and exceeding organizational targets. He also became competent in the field of Information Technology by completing and becoming a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MSCE), Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MSCA) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

His dynamic and refreshing approach is supported by his vast experiences in the corporate paradigm where he had successfully held the helms for senior positions such as Business Development Manager (APAC), Senior Training Consultant, and Assistant Director in various organizations. Praga has also been interviewed by national T.V (MediaCorp) for good instructional practice & his articles are often found in Asia Pacific Publications.

Praga’s forte lies in Organizational Psychology and Human Behaviour coupled with his diverse knowledge & experience in Information Technology, Business and Psychology.

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre
29 Aug 2024


  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


1 Day


  S$500 (NETT)

Holiday Inn Atrium/ Holiday Inn Orchard/ Furama City Centre

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