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Positioning for the Future: Intelligent IT for the anytime, anywhere workforce

 Imagine a future where you can work anywhere, where your devices can talk to each other and update automatically, where virtual meetings are as easy as a video chat, and where Cognitive Computing will be used to complement your day-to-day work?

 Welcome to SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace by IBM.

This program aims to prepare you for a future economy where you will be “digital-ready” so you can drive digital invention, innovation and change at your workplace, and be empowered at all other areas in your life

Course Objective

  • Be aware of technological advancements and understand through use cases the technological impact to daily life and workplace
  • Be aware Appreciate basic digital literacy and be comfortable to work in a technology rich environment at work with security underpin everything we do of the skills needs of the future and taking the first step to manage one’s own skills
  • Appreciate basic digital literacy and be comfortable to work in a technology rich environment at work with security underpin everything we do
  • Understand the value of data and its importance in the new data-driven business
  • Understand where technology is going in the next few years and be part of the change and understand what it takes to be a lifelong learner and get started on this learning journey


Course Outline

  • Understand Singapore’s business and technology landscape
  • Understand the impact of technological advancement in daily life and workplace and the future of work.
  • Explore the web and uncover interesting website, cloud services and mobile apps
  • Appreciate how AI is transforming professions and industries through use cases and guided experience
  • Explore how to create and share content and collaborate digitally
  • Explore and experience different types of social media
  • Understand cybersecurity, importance of strong password, and be aware of digital safety and etiquette
  • Understand how technology innovation is going to transform the world, what it takes to be innovative, how to participate in the change and how to take the first step to be a lifelong learner to constantly adapt and stay relevant
  • Understand and apply growth mindset principles
  • Identify skill sets required in the future economy
  • Experience collaborating and communicating digitally in a a technology rich environment at workplace
  • Assess your knowledge on digital safety and protection
  • Learn how to use data to create business insights in the new data-driven business world including uncover insights from social media posts
  • Transform your forms and processes into online application with workflow
  • Experience building a simple mobile application.
  • Experience Artificial Intelligence with IBM Watson
  • Experience building a simple chatbot


Delivery Mode

Course will be delivered through Live Virtual Learning via Zoom

Course Fees

For NTUC Member, you pay only $10 for this 2 day course. For non-member, you pay only $50, amount can be deducted from your Skillsfuture Credit or cash.

Singaporeans/PRs SGD50 (after SSG Subsidy)
NTUC Union Members SGD10 (after NETF Funding)
Full Fee (Foreigner) SGD850 (nett)

SkillsFuture Credits

All Singaporeans aged 25 years and above may use their SkillsFuture Credits to pay for or offset the course fees.

Absentee payroll for company

Company sponsored – Absentee Payroll applicable ▪ SME ($7.50/hr) & Non-SME ($4.50/hr)

Course Schedule

27 & 28 Sep, Mon & Tue, 9am to 6pm (ZOOM)


Mode of Training

Live Virtual Learning via Zoom

Who is it for?

Working adults who would like to gain an increased understanding of digital technology for personal productivity and who would like an immersive experience of technology at work focusing on digital collaboration working across an organization, using data to create business insights, exploring digital tools to transform insights into actions and experiencing artificial intelligence starting with building an AI Powered chatbot.

Learners must have a computer laptop/desktop with webcam, and possess some basic computer literacy


There is no assessment for this course.

For more information/ registration or Group / In-House Training, please contact Jaslyn @ 6278 9785 or email

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