Let’s face it: getting away with financial fraud these days is a piece of cake because of technology. In fact, PWC recently reported a sharp increase in the number of financial frauds in Singapore this year. However, there are some preventive measures you can take to curtail financial fraud. Find out how you can avoid being a victim of financial fraud by attending CBS’s Financial Fraud Masterclass in Singapore today!


Financial Fraud Today

Our trainers will outline the most common financial frauds in our masterclass in Singapore. But just to give you an overview, read on to learn about the definition and nature of fraud today.

By definition, financial fraud refers to an illegal act which encompasses financial transactions for personal gains. It can be carried out online and off-line by white-collared criminals. Fraudsters reach out to their victims either through face-to-face interaction, phone calls or text messages, emails or post.

This financial fraud masterclass in Singapore teaches participants about the danger of financial frauds and other types of economic crime that are prevalent today. Participants will also get advice on how to prevent and detect financial fraud in today’s context. Our trainers will underpin key trends in financial frauds today and also give participants a step-by-step tutorial about how they can avoid being a victim of financial fraud.

The team at CBS believes that one is never too old to learn. It is better to be safe than sorry and never too early to take preventive measures. Find out how you can combat financial fraud with our trainers at our financial fraud masterclass in Singapore today – enrol now!

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