Counter-terrorism course in singapore

Our Manpower Minister and Second Minister For Home Affairs Josephine Teo mentioned to the Straits Times on July 28 that the level of terrorist threat remains “high.” Here in Singapore, we are not immune to the threat anymore.

Terrorism is a global threat to continues to jeopardize the socio-political stability, international cooperation and the national security of Singapore. Now, more than ever, our nation needs a national effort to cope with the threat of terrorism and hinder terror attacks through preventive measures. While the threat of terrorism continues to loom in the horizon, how can we contribute to counterterrorism and cope with the threat of terror?

Here at CBS, we offer a unique and professional counter-terrorism certification program to train security and military personnel to recognize suspicious behaviour, prevent public threats and take other necessary measures against terror suspects. Upon achieving the certificate in terrorism studies and prevent and completing the course at CBS, participants would gain the knowledge and key skills in handling situations with suspicious persons as well as preventing and stopping terrorist activities. Trainees of the counter-terrorism course in Singapore will also learn key lifesaving skills that would come in handy in an unlikely event of a terrorist attack.

In addition, participants of our counter-terrorism course in Singapore will obtain a greater understanding about the severity of terrorism in the local and International contexts and counterterrorism technologies.


Why Choose CBS?

Why learn about counter-terrorism and get a certificate from our course at CBS?

CBS is a professional training platform that seeks to inspire participants to take responsibility for their own learning. The team believes that one is never too old to learn. It is highly critical to acquire key skills and knowledge that could be of great use to each participant and society.

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