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Date12 Mar 2018, Mon
Time9am - 5pm
VenueRoyal Plaza on Scotts Singapore Hotel Including Tea breaks and International Gourmet Buffet Lunch at Award winning Carousel Restaurant (Halal Certified)
FeeS$ 500 (Nett)
9767 9686 / 6278 9785

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Communicating beyond our differences

-Build Win-Win Interpersonal Relationships with Everyone


Psycho-geometrics: How to “Shape” your communication success!

It’s important to understand that you approach your work with a style and perspective that varies from your colleagues. Understanding and appreciating the strengths within those differences allows you to become more successful.

You can start to work with the differences rather than against them. It’s not meant to be a label – people are far too interesting and multi-dimensional for that.

Identify your shapes and other people’s shapes!
Each of these 5 SHAPES describes a Personal Style reflecting the way you communicate with others, career choices, choosing friends, dealing with stress, and making decisions.

  • CIRCLES have so many friends
  • TRIANGLES always get the best “deals”.
  • SQUARES will not tolerate sloppy work
  • SQUIGGLES are so embarrassing
  • RECTANGLES can’t remember anything.

What is Psycho-GeometricsTM?
Psycho-GeometricsTM is the Science of understanding people and the Art of communicating with them.

It is a practical tool to help you understand your dominant behavioral styles and to learn to identify the styles of others, especially the significant others in your life. You learn the styles through shapes.

Why is learning about the Shapes of the Psycho-GeometricsTM System so Important?
Speed Reading the behavioral shapes of individuals through observation and reading their body language is not only Fulfilling and lots of Fun but absolutely Rewarding as well!

Psycho-GeometricsTM will help you build long-lasting and meaningful, win-win relationships. And make people like you by nurturing the charisma in you!
You will become irresistible in the eyes of your loved ones!
You will also become acutely sensitive in focusing on the strengths of others – making them irresistible to you as well.

The secret is to learn to communicate with aplomb through the art of Shape Flexing.


The ability to code and decode body language is critical in reading people’s thoughts and feelings and sending out the right signals.

  • Learn to project confidence, credibility, reliability, trustworthiness, sincerity, professionalism and a positive demeanour.
  • Learn to read people like a book – in full colour!
  • And confirm what you read – with amazing accuracy!
  • Learn to be a human lie detector.
  • Learn how to detect hidden emotions.
  • You will learn how to subtly and successfully win over the people you communicate with.


  • Learning to read people accurately and avoid judging people unfairly.
  • Focus on: Facts Vs
  • Self – Assessment
  • Discovering your shape combination.
  • What is shape – Flexing?
  • Mastering the art of shape – flexing!
  • Why do we flex?
  • How do we flex?
  • Entrepreneurs and multiple personalities – what do they have in common?
  • Maintaining successful partnerships.
  • Discovering the common denominator for success in all relationships.
  • Developing empathy in relationships.


Master the Art and Science of Communication with Customers, Co-workers, Bosses and everyone around you.

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners Managing Directors and General Managers.
  • Marketing and Sales Professionals.
  • Advertising and Customer Service Professionals.
  • Human Resource Professionals.
  • Supervisors and Executives.
  • Professionals, Managers, Engineers and Technicians.
  • Public Relations Professionals.
  • Military, Police and SCDF Officers.
  • Medical Doctors and Nurses.
  • Trainers, Lecturers and Teachers.
  • Counsellors and Coaches.
  • Anyone and everyone who needs to work with people.


“John covered all the key aspects of Body Language and Communication skills in a fantastic manner. He was outstanding and his methods are practical. He was also superb in his presentation. Such training sessions are an absolute necessity to make every sales personnel a profit center for the organization.”

“Thank you, John! You have “applied” what you have taught in your delivery.”

“I simply like John’s style of presentation and his sincerity.”

“It is so comprehensive and covers not just body language. John is personable and told stories that were insightful and interesting.”

“John is knowledgeable, has depth and a wealth of experience. His workshop on body language is extremely practical and highly useful! I love his ‘heart–to–heart’ connection’ and the 3 Vs of communication techniques the most! I enjoyed myself throughout the session, as he is very entertaining.

He’s wise, sincere and down to earth – respect!”

“Highly enriching and entertaining. Great workshop.”



John Sih is a trained public speaker and an Educator of Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication skills. He holds a London College of Music (LCM) Honours Certificate in Public Speaking and a teaching and performance certificate from Trinity College.

John Sih specializes in grooming individuals to become effective Interpersonal Communicators and Public Speakers. He also trains sales professionals in the Art of Selling and front-line executives in Customer Service skills.

John is the First trainer outside the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, who is licensed to use and impart the Psycho-Geometrics System. He is the Master Trainer and franchisee of the system in Asia, after having mastered and internalized the use of the system since 1991.

As a body language expert, John is often favourably compared with his guru – he is fondly known as the Allan Pease of Singapore. John has been featured in the Female magazine as well as local newspapers, expounding on the impact and importance of body language, as a form of non-verbal communication.

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